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Summer Vacation Ideas

Breathtaking imagery, towering spires, an awe-inspiring national treasure, and one of the most incredible summer mountain vacation destinations anywhere, consider Jackson Hole for a great getaway.

Horseback Riding

We highly recommend a trip back into the mountains by horseback. You'll ride and pack in, the same way the original cowboys and settlers did, in a wondrous journey back through time.


Try your hand at fishing in a stream few have ever even seen. Jackson Hole offers clear running rivers that run down from the mountains, across and through the valleys all around. It's one of the few places where you can still pack back into true wilderness.

National Park Tours

Consider a bus tours from Jackson Hole into the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. During the tour, a guide will narrate, highlighting and explaining aspects of the history and geology of the area. It's a fine introduction to the area and its parks.

Mountain Biking

Mountain bikes are also very popular in the area, especialy near the resorts. There, take a quad-chair lift you up the mountain.


Paragliding is another of the extreme sports catching on quickly. You'll be gliding silently down the mountainside, held aloft by a specially shaped parachute in a harness.


There are championship golf courses, and you haven't lived until you've played the Arnold Palmer-designed 18 holes on a perfect green before the towering, spectacular Grand Teton mountains! There's even Disc Golf available.


Concerts, film festivals, all manner of culture and fine dining at 9,000 feet. Truly, all the best of everything is gathered there in the Grand Tetons.