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Grand Teton National Park

Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park, located between the town of Jackson and Yellowstone National Park, is amongst the most picturesque and rugged, and untamed areas in the nation. Most mountain lovers have seen pictures of the grand, upswept aspiring majesty of the Grand Tetons. The great photographic artist Ansel Adams, shared them with the world as early as 1933. The awesome Teton Mountain range, with the famous meandering Snake River at its base, is an dramatic image indelibly etched in the memory of one and all. Many could agree that the Tetons are a quintessential archetype—what we all think of as real mountains.

Grand Teton National Park is home to dazzling mountain scenery, numerous alpine lakes and a diverse array of wildlife. Central to the park is the Teton Range, an active fault-block, 40-mile-long mountain front including the Grand Teton at 13,770 feet (4,198 m). Grand Teton National Park offers visitors a wide variety of activities. Visitors can hike, walk, view wildlife, take photographs, backpack, camp, climb, fish, swim, boat, float, canoe, and bike.

Photo Courtesy of National Park Service, Photo by Stratton