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Wyoming offers a summer wonderland with excellent world-class resorts including both Yellowstone National Park and Teton National Park to visit.

What Makes Wyoming Unique

Wyoming brings a sense of adventure and awe out in all its visitors. Surrounded by unforgettable mountain scenery and national parks that have preserved an old style way of life, visiting Wyoming show you a world less populated and more open and free. You'll be blown away by the geysers, natural hot springs, stunned by the beauty, rendered speechless by the awesome power of nature and charmed by the wildlife that abounds in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Wild grizzly bears, herds of buffalo, wolves, eagles, hawks, falcons and owls, raccoons, badgers, mountain lions, bobcats, deer, bighorn sheep, antelope, wild horses, and so much more. The wonders of nature found in the prairies, meadows, valleys, and mountainous regions will leave you talking about your vacation for years to come.

Major Destinations

You'll be able to visit natural resorts like Jenny Lake Lodge in the comfortable temperatures of the spring, summer and fall months, enjoy backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, hang gliding, or try your hand at fly fishing, or climb in and hang on for a whitewater rafting tour. Visit Jackson Hole, a rare mix of the Old West that is still alive with working cattle ranches and a gathering place for adventurous tourists just like you.

If you're inclined towards more tradition and cultural activities, play a round or two at an Arnold Palmer golf course set there in the backdrop of some of the most beautiful mountains on earth. Catch a summer concert! Whether your favorite is folk, bluegrass, classical or jazz, you'll find entertainment to sooth the savage beast or get your foot tapping. Take a chairlift ride at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Aerial Tram on up the mountain and enjoy the view, or begin a mountain bike or hiking adventure there. Whether you're after a mile-a-minute adrenaline rush, a slower paced challenge, or hope to spend some relaxing time alongside a lazy riverside beneath the majesty of these wonderful peaks, you'll find it throughout the magnificent state of Wyoming.

There's something magical about nighttime skies in Wyoming, up in the mountains. The dry air shows stars more clearly, while the lack of lights and extra altitude bring you that much closer to them. You'll see clouds of stars all across the horizon, a rich and humbling experience for all who've seen it. If you're lucky, maybe you'll even see the Northern Lights!

Summer Vacation Discounts

Get back to nature—way back. Make Wyoming your summer mountain resort destination this year and we're sure you'll find yourself returning for many years to come. Pick from a list of vacation locations and start finding vacation packages, lodging, restaurants, and activity money saving coupons. Take advantage of the fantastic vacation deals that range from discounts on lodging, restaurants, travel, transportation, activities, & much more!

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