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Summer Vacation Ideas

Motorcycling, mountain biking, hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, kayaking and canoe paddling, Euro-Bungee, sightseeing that includes huge waterfalls, to exciting and challenging golf courses, and everything in between, all of this and more waits for you in West Virginia!

Appalachian Mountains Hiking

Picture yourself hiking along a stream in some of the most beautiful mountain forests anywhere. The feel of these ancient mountains is both exciting and relaxing, and it lends both to those who visit.

Summer Lift Rides

Take the lift on up to Shaver's Lake. Located on the basin side of Snowshoe Mountain, you can go kayaking, paddle a canoe, pedal-boat, fish, play volleyball at the beach, or kick back in the forest. What a great way to spend time in the summer.


If you're into motorcycles, there are some exceptional mile-high touring runs along the ridgelines, and every weekend is biker's weekend. From the mountain, you'll have direct access to the lifts, but more important, access to miles of trails for backcountry biking fun.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting is extremely popular along the New River and the Gauly River. Near Snowshoe, West Virginia, you can ride through the New River Gorge and experience a great thrill on all levels of rapids.


Stand on the banks and try out your new ties while fly fishing for trout! Through the resort, you'll be able to get all the equipment you need, and the nearby Elk Springs Resort's guided tours will show you the best places to start out.


Until you've seen and played upon what they've carved from the Alleghenies, you really, truly haven't seen all that the game can be. Drops of 200 feet, fairways and greens so dense and lusciously green it's hard to tell where the grass ends and the tree leaves begin—sung to a world-class championship standard that leaves you awestruck by the beauty around every turn