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West Virginia

West Virginia Summer Vacation Deals

“Almost heaven, West Virginia ... ” Nobody's ever been able to say it any better, or spoken more truly than did Bill & Taffy Danoff in the John Denver hit, “Country Roads.”

What Makes West Virginia Unique

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a rare and special beauty, slowly emerging that will enveloping your consciousness, until the scents and sounds and textures feel like a primordial home you've just returned to and are about to rediscover. Known as the "Birthplace of Rivers," the headwaters of eight rivers originate in Pocahontas County—springtime is when the melted snow announces the call for whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, boating, water skiing, and fishing.

Mountain Resort Destinations

When the warm weather comes, it's also the time for golf to begin again. Snowshoe Resort features an 18-hole Gary Player signature course at the resort. Pocahontas Country Club (near Marlinton,) offers up a challenging 18-hole par 71 course as well. That's just two of the hundreds of golf courses throughout the state.

The resort's ski trails are taken over by mountain bikers during summer months. Experienced bikers can use the lifts to take their bikes to the top and fly right on down! Cyclists on road bikes can explore the country’s back roads and byways of the Allegheny Highlands. Let’s not forget to mention that the state is home to hundreds of miles of scenic hiking trails to explore with great wildlife viewing, scenic byways and unlimited photographic opportunities. Then there's the Cass Scenic Railroad, which provides a rare and unique perspective as it winds its way trough an unforgettable 22-mile excursion into remote areas of the mountains. The Cass' steam-powered train brings passengers over 4,800 feet up into the mountains, affording very scenic postcard-perfect photo opportunities.

In rolling out the carpet, West Virginia's visitors are treated to concerts, music festivals, theatrical productions, historical reenactments and old time country fairs. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (in Green Bank) provides the largest fully steerable radio telescope in the world, and is free to the public to visit during scheduled tours.

Civil War and history buffs won't want to miss the 285-acre Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park, (near Marlinton / Hillsboro) where the last battle in the Civil War took place on November 6, 1863. West Virginia has a rich history worth visiting. Being there in person makes such events all the more real and personal.

As you can see, this Mountain State has much to offer summer visitors. All through the mountains and down to the sea, where the Greenbrier Valley progresses from farmlands to granting final release to those raging whitewater rivers, you'll find a visual banquet laid before you, at once invigorating and yet specific to the soul. Explore this state, come to see her majestic wonders, and know for yourself why so many think of West Virginia as heaven.

Summer Vacation Savings

In ways, it is home, and a heritage shared by everyone who visits there. We feel that such a place should be seen by all, and so we've arranged for discount coupons and bargains on lodging, meals, restaurants, dining, transportation, activities and events, family vacation fun, equipment rentals and pretty much everything you'll need or want on your summer mountain resort vacation. You'll find lots of West Virginia vacation deals when you click on the vacation destinations. It's just a small glimpse of the welcoming hospitality you'll receive when you visit the state of West Virginia!

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Photo Courtesy of Snowshoe Mountain Resort