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Summer Vacation Ideas

One of the first things you'll notice about northern Vermont in the summer (after you're done standing in awe of the sheer majesty of it all) is that it's incredibly comfortable. For well over a hundred years, people have been coming to Vermont during the summer months to escape the heat, and spend some time in this beautiful mountain paradise.

Getting Back to Nature

Talk about a wilderness experience! The Jay Branch Gorge and Haystack Mountain in Lowell are just two examples of the incomparable natural setting. Wildflowers bloom all around! Waterfalls are plentiful, and the lakes, rivers, and streams are full of fish!

Area Attractions

Sightseeing in northern Vermont is also a surprising treat! The old style is still standing there. Several covered wood bridges, for example, can cause even the most hardened modernist to wax nostalgic. Or take the tram to the top of Jay's Peak. You can see four U.S. states, as well as Quebec province from that lofty perch. It's said that, on a clear day, you can see all the way to Montreal!

Real Maple Syrup

The maple sap is flowing as well. Real Maple syrup is vastly different from the pancake syrup most of us have on our tables. You can go to the sugar shacks, see how it is done, be a part of the process, and bring back some real Vermont Maple Syrup for your very own!

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is also a popular pastime in the area. Vermont has a longstanding love affair with Morgan horses, owing to their close association with them while clearing and farming the land. That association continues to this day, and you'll find horseback riding a very pleasant way to discover the myriad beauties of Vermont.

Live Music

Music is another big part of life up in the Vermont mountains. All summer long you'll be able to enjoy performances and festivals from all styles of music. Of course, folk and bluegrass are popular, but so are jazz and classical or symphony.

Water Sports

The lakes and rivers become a big part of the playground in the summer months. Paddling (canoe or kayak) is huge, as are all manner of boating and lakeside activities and sports; Vermonters are avid fishermen.

Adventure Sports

Looking for something way out of the ordinary? How about going soaring? Imagine being held aloft by the wind and the wings. Experience the exhilaration as you take in the panorama from thousands of feet above the earth, enjoying it in silence, only the sound of the wind itself.

If soaring is too far from the ground, there's always mountaineering and rock climbing. The Northeast Kingdom and Stowe are famous for the mountains, of course, and climbing them provides a rewarding challenge, and a great way to appreciate them in yet another way!