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Summer Vacation Ideas

Visitors to Manchester Center, Stratton, and Snow Mountain in southern Vermont, are in for a real treat! Situated within and around the Green Mountain National Forest, this wonderland has something to offer visitors of all ages and persuasions. The richness of the mountains, the wildflowers in bloom, the dense carpet of verdant grass, the hardwood forests, these all play a part in these most venerable of mountains' magic, and the spell that they weave is nothing shy of captivating.

Outdoor Activities

Camping, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, and the like are all very popular. Vermont is generally a place that lives by the “Leave footprints, take pictures” motto. Vermonters have come to cherish the majesty they have there in their own back yard—a beauty they share with her visitors.

Horseback riding is another fine example of things to be done. There's a real back-to-nature feel about heading back into the mountains on a horse, leaving the machines and all of that behind. They carry you quietly and take you to places that cars may never see. Check out the stables, and you and Mr. Ed can have a quiet chat amidst the mountains.

Extreme Sports

The extreme sports folks wukk be thrilled at the way extreme sports have been embraced by the state. Since the beginning of such activities, Vermont has been all for it, and in 2007, the Mountain Bike Nationals were held at Snow Mountain. You can play there as well. The gondolas are open, taking people up the mountain for downhill biking as well as sightseeing. Summer or winter, Snow Mountain is a downhill lover's delight.


If you're interests are a bit less heart-pounding, not to worry. Southern Vermont has something for everyone. The golf courses are some of the best in the country. Gently laid over an outstanding natural location, master designers have formed world-class championship courses atop the Green Mountains, groomed and manicured the hills to perfection.

Water Sports

The cool summer weather makes all sorts of outdoor sports more fun. Whether it's boating, fly fishing, paddling, or swimming, you'll be a lot more comfortable doing in in southern Vermont!


If there's a shopper in your party, Southern Vermont is their heaven! With outlet stores, quaint antique shops, and so many artist and artisan galleries, museums and historical sites to explore and discover, everyone is sure to have a fantastic fun time in the Manchester Center area of Vermont.