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Summer Vacation Ideas

On the shores of Lake Champlain, one of the largest lakes in North America, there are tons of great opportunities to have a fun summer vacation. During the summer months, thousands flock to the Burlington area of Vermont to enjoy the combination of beautiful summer weather and cool northern breezes. Great weather during the summer means that you can enjoy a full range of exciting activities, like exploring the lake, the woods, or the nearby mountains. Here are a few ideas for fun things that you can do on your next vacation to Burlington, Vermont.


The beach is one of the most popular attractions in Burlington, Vermont. Sunbathing, sand castles, and swimming—everyone enjoys going to the beach, and during the summer the area becomes one of the best beach front areas in the country with the nick name of Vermont’s West Coast. We love this area because it provides the west coast feeling in an east coast state. The waves of Lake Champlain are dotted with a wide variety of sailboats, wave runners, tours, and ferry boats. If you love the water, you will love this area in the summer. Also check out the Lake Chaplain islands, and try taking a tour of the lake on a boat such as the Ethan Allen II to see just how large this lake is.

Historic Tours

The Lake Champlain area is also great for history buffs, with a number of sunken ships before the surface of the water. Tours of the lake can help you to get a sense for how Lake Champlain has played a part in historical events – recent discoveries in Lake Champlain have included a gunboat which was captained by Benedict Arnold during the Revolutionary War, found in a state of excellent preservation, and the historic shipwrecks that await under the surface of Lake Champlain are also favorite destinations for scuba divers.

Music and Events

Special events during the summer in the area include the Discover Jazz Festival, as well as the Independence Day Celebration on the Fourth of July. Enjoy the sight of fireworks reflected in the waters of Lake Champlain from one of the many beaches or from your own sail boat. These fun events make for a great time during the summer and are excellent dates to build a vacation around.

Camping and Hiking

If you feel like getting away from the water for a while, the area around Burlington is home to numerous beautiful state parks where you can enjoy camping during the summer, as well as nature hiking. There are also many fun bike paths, which run along the contours of Lake Champlain and through the woods in the surrounding area.