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Vermont Summer Vacation Deals

A Vermont resort vacation is a must. You'll be hard-pressed to find anything anywhere to compare to the Green Mountains. The vistas are amazing, one incomparable sight after another, the land deeply alive with plants, trees, farms, valleys, meadows, lakes, streams, rivers, and wildlife. The air is so crisp and clean and pure, you'll wonder if you're dreaming. No place could possibly look that beautiful! The state makes for an incredible vacation.

From the picture-perfect sunrise as the rays peek over the rim, to that vivid watercolor sunset, and all the hours in between, you find yourself amazed and mesmerized by this state. From Jay and the Northeast Kingdom, through Killington's quaint working-class towns, and wood covered bridges, to Stratton's roaring, rushing rapids, the entire state would be perfect even without that world-famous Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory, or the Vermont Maple Syrup, or the Morgan Horse Shows, or the antique galleries, or summer music festivals. There really is no other place like it, from north to south, nothing to compare to the natural splendor and beauty. No wonder a vacation in Vermont is for lovers!

There's no getting around it—water is life and Vermont has plenty of it. Come summer, when the sun shines the melting starts and the rivers and streams all swell to bursting, making for a whitewater raft trip roaring good time in the rapids and all over the state.

Things to Do

What a great way to spend all summer, not even just your vacation. You'll be so busy golfing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and exploring, you may just forget about your home life altogether. There's no talking it down or getting around it, Vermont is for lovers because everybody falls in love with the whole tall state!

Golfers love it for the beauty and the world-class courses. Designed by the who's who of the pro golf world, they offer tee sets to accommodate everyone from the latest novice to the pros on tour. With such an inspiring landscape to work from, it's no surprise that the game of golf is so popular here.

Vermont's lakes and rivers, waterfalls and streams all combine to make it a waterman's heaven. Dip your paddle gently as you glide a canoe through the waters of a mirror-still lake. Take in the tranquility of the lake, if that's what you're after. Or put on your gear and hop into a river kayak to launch your assault against the rapids! Sail if you prefer, but no matter how you do it, you're certain to be enjoying the great, vast lakes, rivers and streams. Fishing is quite popular as well. Water is life, and you're going to love it there!

Or maybe mountain biking is your thing. Lots of opportunities for that, as well as rock climbing, mountaineering, water skiing, and pretty much anything else you can conceive of. Take a hike back to the sugar shacks. Stroll through rich, dense primeval forests. And in the autumn time off year enjoy one of the east’s most famous activities – that is when fall foliage season begins and one can enjoy the brilliant colors of the turning leaves of Vermont’s hard wood forests. Stroll across an historic covered bridge or skip some rocks across a stream.

Summer Vacation Savings

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