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Summer Vacation Ideas

Park City has definitely distinguished itself as a mecca for adrenalin junkies and extreme sports fans. Visitors to this Olympic town will be hard pressed to decide which of the many activities they'd most like to experience. The usual summer mountain activities are there to be sure. But Park City has taken a unique approach to their fun, “Who needs snow?” Wheels on bobsleds, plastic inclines leave aerial skiers able to twist, turn, and gyrate, performing backflips in the sky before plunging into a pool. The winter sports have been adapted to year round fun!

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking takes on a new dimension when it is lift-served. You and your bike enjoy a chairlift ride up the mountain and then gravity provides a controlled fall. But that's not the only innovation being made with chair lifts.

Zip Lines

ZipRider is decidedly the rush to be known. After riding up a six-person chairlift, you're wrapped into a harness and launched back down the cable, flying low over treetops, as much an eagle as a human ever can be. What a rush! There's also a human maze, alpine rollercoaster, and alpine slide if hanging suspended by a cable at 45 miles per hour is a bit too intense.

For the Kids

Everybody has a good time at Park City. There's a youngster's amusement park with a merry-go-round, airplane and train rides for the little ones.


Park City is home to Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival and International Music Festival. If you're a fan of Jazz the Jazz Festival will excite you. If you've not yet listened all that closely to Jazz, you'll have the perfect opportunity to hear what all the excitement is about.


If you enjoy golf, consider the chance to play it in the mountains. Billed as one of the “Best Places To Play” by Golf Digest, Wasatch Mountain State Park Golf Course offers up 36 holes. The 18-hole Mountain Course (cart required) has been carved out of the natural mountain contours, played with the backdrop of snowcapped mountains alongside a mountain lake. Known for occasional sightings of deer, elk, and even moose, as well as other wildlife visitors, Wasatch Mountain provides one of the most enjoyable courses anywhere.

More On-Mountain Fun

Here you'll find a climbing wall with five faces. Safe within a climbing harness and under the supervision and guidance of the staff, you can learn and improve your rock climbing skills. Or check out the Legacy Launcher, a trampoline with safety harnesses, so you can perfect your flip techniques... Or just goof around and have fun! Skateboard parks and some 300 miles of bike trails show just how dedicated Park City is to having fun on wheels. Combining these specialized activities with the usual mountain activities—camping, hiking, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, Blue-Ribbon fly fishing, boating, luxury spas, and the like—there's really no question you'll enjoy a trip to the area.