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Summer Vacation Ideas

All of Utah is jam packed, full of all manner of exciting fun and wholesome activities for every age group. From amusement parks for the kids—and those adults with the heart of a child—to extreme sports, and on to less strenuous outdoors pursuits like casual nature hikes to sightseeing, the list is so long it's truly impossible to begin to elaborate on all of it. Here we'll take a look at some of them, and leave you to explore and discover the rest yourself when you visit this Utah vacation wonderland.

Outdoor Adventures

Decidedly a mountain state, northern Utah provides a perfect landscape for things like mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, camping, fishing, Golfing, whitewater rafting, Canoeing, kayaking, boating, geo-caching, etc. Rock Hounds and geology enthusiasts will be thrilled, as there are so many varieties of formations, and the earth chronicles its history well into northern Utah. There's even a dinosaur graveyard! European Bungee (multiple trampolines in concert with a harness and bungee cords) and parasailing, and a new thing (zipline), where you ride the chair lift up and then get wrapped into a harness, and fly low over the trees, zipping down at 45 miles per hour! And yes, the chairlifts will take your mountain bike too, so you can enjoy downhill effortless riding during the summer months as well!


Less intense activities are available too. In fact, beginning north of Salt Lake City, and all the way on up to the top of the state, golf is a delightful challenge for all levels of play. The backdrop of the mountains and rocky formations, the snowcapped peaks, and green grassy meadows, these are perfect place to lay or carve the foundations of incredibly good golf course designs. All the great designers have graced this area of Utah with their special skills. They were inspired by the natural beauty for golf and you will be, too.

National Parks

Bryce Canyon National Park and the nearby Zion National Park are definitely must-see excursions on any trip to Northern Utah. The surreal landscapes formed by these strange canyons, the Hoodoos, and the 14 natural amphitheaters themselves are spectacular. For all their unusual forms, textures, and colors, the parks both beautiful and unforgettable. During the warmer months, one can camp within the parks or choose cozy lodgings nearby and visit the parks from that base. The parks have roads that make for delightful tours with pull-outs for extraordinarily breathtaking vistas, and short walks, in addition to many miles of hiking trails.

City Life

Of course, no trip to Utah is complete without a visit to Salt Lake City. Host City to the 2002 Winter Olympics and home of the Mormon Church and Mormon Tabernacle Choir, SLC is much, much more than just that these days. Pop music concerts, symphonies, and amusement parks with all the best rides and themes, a very happening nightlife scene, the Sundance Film Festival, International Music Festival—these are just a part of all the fun and excitement that Salt Lake City has in store.