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Utah Summer Vacation Deals

When it comes to summer mountain vacation fun, Utah has it all, and they know how to use it! World-class resorts of all kinds abound. It's no secret that the Olympics did a lot to develop the area and stoke the states travel industry. And now Utah mountain resort vacationers can reap the benefits of this extraordinary spot and enjoy all the fantastic vacation activities. Breathtaking views and vistas become your playground in this inspiring piece of God's Country when you make Utah your mountain vacation discount destination.

What Makes Utah Unique

If you've ever enjoyed fishing, you'll find Lake Powell beckons. With its many lakes, streams and reservoirs, you'll find fantastic lake trout fishing as well as the usual lake pan fish and several bass and pike species. The many waters of Utah include sports and activities such as water skiing, jet skiing, wake boarding, sailing, canoeing, boating swimming, and rafting to mention a few. Whether you get out in a boat or fish from the shores or a fishing guide lets you in on a secret fishing hole, the serenity is yours alongside the excitement of catching fish in this fine state of Utah.

Hiking becomes a whole new experience (remember that camera you'll need to bring with you,) as you round curves to discover one wonder after another, each more charming and breathtaking than the last. You'll find waterfalls, canyons, verdant green forests and lofty mountains, and all of it richly teaming with life when you visit Color Country.

Mountain Resort Destinations

Visit the Moab area, see and play amongst towering red sandstone cliffs and ravines, feel the roar and rush of a whitewater rafting trip down through the gorge and the Colorado River. The views are nothing short of spectacular and the opportunities for adrenalin rushes unbeatable! Don't forget your camera either. The way nature has carved this area you'll want it at almost every turn!

Utah is host to five of our nations National Parks, including Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, and Zion National Park. The waterfalls and soaring spires of Zion National and Brice Canyon National Parks await you as well. For lodging deals and discounts choose to camp out, stay in an upscale resort, rent a cabin, pick an RV park or rent a hotel room or a luxurious mountain home. The choices are yours as you explore the most sublime, incredible natural wonders of this state right out your front door.

Summer Vacation Savings

Click on a resort areas and take advantage of the fantastic savings that range from discounts on lodging, restaurants, travel, transportation, activities, travel coupons & much more! Give yourself a really awesome mountain vacation this summer. Head to Utah, you know you'll like it. We know you'll love it! And we know you will love the great Utah vacation deals in this section of the site.

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