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Summer Vacation Ideas

With more than 22,000 sq kilometers of space, the Laurentians are home to a wide variety of activities that take place all year round. While many tourists prefer to come in the winter when winter sports are at their peak, this is an area that should be seen and enjoyed during the summer months. There are numerous activities here that will keep the whole family enthralled for years to come.


The Upper Laurentians are home to more than 4,500 lakes and the boat cruises here offer a great way to combine a vacation with sheer natural magnificence. You’ll be hard pressed to find cruises of this quality anywhere else on earth.


The area is home to many different gardens that are very popular. The climate here is conducive to many plants and you’ll be able to enjoy the labor that has gone into these incredible spaces. If you prefer a more natural garden, head out the wilderness to take a peek at Mother Nature’s back yard.

Plane Tours

Since this area is so vast, one of the best ways to take it all in is by air. There are numerous plane and helicopter tours that will take you on a voyage through the valleys and mountains. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera if you decide to take one of these tours. We recommend using these tours as your starting point and making notes of places that you want to visit on foot later.


In addition to cruises, there are numerous opportunities for fishing the lakes in this region. You’ll find plenty of marinas if you’re going to bring your own vessel, but you can always rent one if you’ll be flying in. The fishing here is absolutely astounding and offers enjoyment for the whole family.

Theme Parks

There are several theme parks for those who prefer a little less nature. You’ll find many opportunities for a whole day of family fun at these parks. We recommend changing it up by visiting both wilderness sites and these parks for a well balanced vacation.

Guided Tours

When you’re dealing with an area this big, it’s really hard to know where to start. There are numerous guided tours that can help narrow your selections down. This is a great option for those that want to get into the wilderness but aren’t quite confident to go on their own.

Mountain Biking

When you have a mountain chain outside your backdoor, you can’t help but having plenty of opportunities for mountain biking. Whether you would rather go in a group or head out on your own, you’ll find plenty of well maintained trails throughout the entire region.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is incredibly popular in this area and the mountains present a great challenge for climbers of all skill levels. You can find numerous opportunities for guided climbing or you can just head out on your own. We recommend taking a GPS system with you if you do go out on your own, simply because of the size of this region.