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Area History

The Laurentians, or Laurentides as the locals call it, is incredibly rich and diverse. The area is located in the heart of the mountain range with the same name and is home to numerous towns, villages and historical sites. If you are planning a trip to this region, we recommend allowing at least two weeks to see everything. However, you’ll most likely find yourself returning again and again, just to be able to take everything in.

The Laurentians are divided into three main areas: Laurentian Gateway, Laurentian Heartland, and the Upper Laurentians. The Gateway is located just a few minutes outside of the city proper and this is where many travelers interested in outdoor sports end up. The area is incredibly lush and offers numerous different diversions and activities. It is astonishing to see how quickly the city ends and the country begins. This portion of The Laurentians is home to numerous state parks, lakes and of course, mountains. Festivals are held year round and visitors appreciate the absolute diversity and sheer amount of things that you can see and do while you’re here. This is certainly a spot that you should spend at least some of your time while visiting the region.

The Laurentian Heartland is located just 20 minutes outside of Montreal and offers a bucolic paradise of rolling farmland, beautiful parks and absolute natural beauty. Some of the best golf courses in Canada are located here, thanks to the rolling terrain and natural beauty of the area. The Upper Laurentians are home to more than 4,500 lakes, making it a boaters paradise. People travel from all over the world just to experience the waters here. This area is also home to numerous hiking trails and other outdoor activities that are held in the incredible expanse. The area was discovered and populated mainly by Europeans. In total, The Laurentians cover more than 22,000-square kilometers of space. This isn’t a place to spend just a weekend, it’s a place where you end up wanting to spend the rest of your life. It is easy to see why the early settlers fell in love with the area and end up staying here.

Of particular interest are the canals found in the cities in the region as well as the numerous churches that were built in the old European style. You’ll find numerous historical homes and sites, but part of the beauty of The Laurentians is the fact that they have not overdeveloped the area. Even the first settlers kept expansion to a minimum and it is rare to find this much actual empty space anywhere in the world. Historic authors were inspired by the raw beauty and the region has been an inspiration for painters as well. The arts are well appreciated in this area and this is one of the best places to discover up and coming artists of every variety. If you are looking for a vacation that will take you into the heart of the wild while still being close to civilization, there is no better place on earth.