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Quebec Summer Vacation Deals

Whether you're taking in the old side of Quebec City, Montreal, or the pristine wilderness of the Laurentian Mountains, spending some time at a music festival or challenging yourself to rushing rapids in a raft, fly fishing at the bank of a river, or being pampered at a luxurious spa resort, part of a five-star hotel, or even if you end up trying all of the above, you're certain to agree that Quebec province in Canada makes an extraordinary mountain resort vacation destination. Quebec is a place where dreams come true and memories last a lifetime.

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A vacation to Quebec City and the Laurentian Mountains are undoubtedly the most European locale in all of North America. The historic old part of Quebec City speaks French and the cobblestone streets are filled with wonderfully antiquated shops. The Old World style of service found there make for a very memorable vacation any time of year. Chateau Frontenac looms majestic, high atop a hill. The old fortress, which once guarded the waterway, is now a five-star hotel with splendid authentic French cuisine and an unparalleled quality of service, exemplary of the unique style and charm of the province

The Laurentian Mountains (Laurentides) themselves are also something from an earlier time. Reminiscent of Scotland for its green coverings, these mountains have some age on them, and look all the more distinguished for it. Just an hour northwest of Montreal, the area offers all manner of outdoor fun and adventure. The hiker and camping outdoorsmen will find the area to their liking, while adrenalin junkies will also be able to get their fix with rock climbing and mountaineering. The Palisades, for example, is a mountain adventure park. And if you're hoping to get some R&R during your vacation, Quebec Province can handle that as well.

Mount Tremblanc has a truly relaxing Scandinavian Spa complete with waterfalls, pavilions, solariums, outdoor fireplaces, terraces, where you can enjoy outdoor whirlpools, a Finnish sauna, Norwegian steambath, Nordic and thermal waterfalls...Get a massage and relax in nature's luscious verdant settings. Swim, Golf, fish, hike, shop, pick your pleasure, and you're certain to find many wonderful ways to indulge it in the Laurentides.

Did you know that the very first golf course and club in North America was established in Quebec? There are over 30 courses today, a fitting tribute to the Scottish heritage that gave birth to the game. You'll find plenty of golfing courses to play it in the backdrop of some of the most pristine country on the Canadian east coast.

The Laurentian Mountains and Quebec City maintain an exotic feel to them, and that, too, is part of the charm. What finer a setting in which to explore and discover the true nature of an exquisite foreign land place than to visit the next country to our north, right outside our doorstep?

Summer Vacation Deals

Great vacation deals and discounts await for the adventurous traveler to the Quebec province. The exchange rate in Canada remains favorable to US and European travelers, a sort of built-in savings, but we're going to go one better. Browse this site for money-saving coupons on condo, cabin and chalet rentals, hotels and other lodgings. Get your deals on travel and activities, and discounts on gear rentals like mountain bikes, kayaks, and canoe rentals. Enjoy special deals on casual and fine dining with an international flare. You'll find discounts on most everything you need when you visit the Quebec vacation areas.

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