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Summer Vacation Ideas

Scranton, Pennsylvania enjoys being a focal point of tourism. Her position at the edge of the Poconos makes her a gateway to that lush sylvan wonderland. Visitors are able to enjoy the nearby mountain activities, which are popular during summer and winter months alike, as well as highly significant, rich historical attractions. Scranton is a very unusual place. Though it may not be as flashy as some towns, a closer examination shows a proud history significant to us all. Take the time to explore Scranton and the nearby Pocono Mountains for a fun and enlightening time!

Culinary Delights

One of the things that bears mention (before we get into more conventional subjects) is that the area's diverse influences have given it a unique culinary flavor – albeit for casual food. Hoagies and Grinders, oven pizza, and the like, these are a must-taste in the Scranton and Pocono area, along with other more classical fare.

Outdoor Activities

Mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing and the like are popular, of course. There's also a water park that provides lots of cool summer fun for kids of all ages. Close proximity to the Poconos makes Scranton a great day or weekend excursion to the mountains.


A virtual Mecca for railway and industrial history buffs, Scranton retains a number of museums and attractions paying tribute to the area's rail and industrial history. Steamtown, USA, which includes a 26-mile rail excursion through the Poconos and demonstrates the historical significance, both to industry and to the lives of the individuals of the rail during that portion of U.S. history. The Lackawanna Coal Mine is also open to the public, and a great family attraction which allows you to ride down into a real coal mine. Even the town itself remains a monument to the triumphs and trials Scranton has risen above over the many years, from its beginnings as a steel town and its railway prominence, through the coal industry days, and on into the silk and textile industries. Many significant people hail from Scranton, and their lives and tales are also a part of the history to be discovered and enjoyed in Scranton.

One devoted magician has opened the Houdini Museum, in honor of Harry Houdini, who often frequented Scranton. This tribute environment features films, exhibits, and even a stage demonstration. Hosted in a building which is over a hundred years old, the venue is unique and, as such, has been seen on many television shows. Certainly worth a visit, the Houdini Museum is amongst the attractions in the Scranton area.

Sno Mountain Ski Resort

Previously Montage Mountain, the Sno Mountain Ski Resort has gone through extensive revitalization, and now offers a summertime water park as well as the many winter runs and trails. Mountain bikers will enjoy the resort area as well. Of late, Sno Mountain rivals the famous Poconos.

Live Music

Concerts are a big part of any summer season, and Scranton is proud to offer the Toyota Pavilion (also at Sno Mountain), which is a partially open-air amphitheater which seats 17,500 people. Visiting artists have included James Taylor and the Dave Matthews Band. The current schedule promises to be equally enjoyable.