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Pennsylvania is truly blessed to have more than one awesome mountain ranges. Scranton enjoys being surrounded by the northern extent of the gentle Allegheny Mountains as it sweeps into the Pocono Mountains, putting both ranges in its back yard. The harsh vertical climbs of the Rocky Mountains are brought to a more comfortable scale, making the area a more comfortable summer playground. Brooks, rivers, and streams are all still all there, weaving their way through the mountain forests and meadows, but they'll feel much more like an old friend than something to be conquered. You'll have a lot more fun that way.

Things to Do

What is there to do in and near Scranton? A LOT, and we're about to make sure you can afford to do a lot more of it. What will you have to choose from? Golf is certainly one bright choice. There are several championship courses in the area. Though it's not in Scranton, you may well find the Hershey's Chocolate Factory (in Hershey, of course) is on your way. Chocolate lovers consider it a worthy pilgrimage to take a tour (and sample) of the factory.

Montage Mountain, the backdrop to Scranton, offers up a slew of tempting treats. Beyond that the possibilities are limitless. Want the unusual? How about doing a bit of spelunking? It's a bit of a drive, but the Indian Caverns give you a chance to check out the scenery along the way, and when you arrive you'll view the caves themselves, get a chance to pan for gemstones, and learn a bit about Pennsylvania's Native American Indian heritage. Down the road a ways from there is Lincoln Caverns and Whispering Rocks, which provides educational tours of two crystal caverns. There's a campground, and they're near Raystown Lake, which provides a watery set of options as well including fishing, hiking, sailing, and boating. Closer than either of those is Penn's Cave & Wildlife Park, offering two separate guided tours. This is the only all-water cavern in the U.S. It also offers gemstone panning, and a picnic area as well as a North American wildlife park and African Animal Museum. Good for a solid day or two, these caves are just one example of the great family activities available near Scranton, PA. Get lodging discounts and deals on activities and vacation packages for this vacation travel area.

Amusement parks are a great way to spend a day or three. The news is out that Sno Mountain spent 9.5 MILLION dollars building Sno Cove, a water park with slides, a wave pool, a running river, kid's play area, bumper boats, miniature golf and other fun theme attractions. This is one vacation option that shouldn't be missed, just a part of the additions. Another is the ZipRider high-speed cable car that will fly people in harnesses from mountaintop to parking lot at up to 65 miles an hour! Sounds like fun, doesn't it? There's another as well; the Camelbeach Water Park, about 40 miles SE of Scranton in Tannersville. Other amusement parks include the DelGrosso in the town of Tipton. With over 30 rides, a water park, miniature golf, and a free summer music concert series, they've been pleasing vacationers for over 60 years.

There are many other attractions in the area, too, from a model train museum to historical societies. For more active and independent outdoor activities, you can hit the golf trial, swim, play tennis, go mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, go horseback riding—you name it, Scranton's got it all within reach at the crux of the Pocono’s and the Allegheny Mountain ranges.

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