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Pocono Mountains

The world-famous Pocono Mountains in northeast Pennsylvania need no introduction, though we’ll endeavor to describe them. "Mauch Chunk" may be a bit more obscure a reference to most, though. Once known as the Switzerland of America, Mauch Chunk was once the second most popular honeymoon resort area in the U.S., second only to Niagara Falls.

A Little Trivia and History

By now many of you may be wondering who, what, or where Mauch Chunk is or was, and what a Chunk could have to do with the Poconos. The term Mauch Chunk means "bear mountain." These days, the town is known as Jim Thorpe, and that’s a wonderful history itself. You see, Mauch Chunk and neighboring East Mauch Chunk showed great compassion to their impoverished neighbors and the widow of the famous athlete Jim Thorpe, hearing of their kindness, asked them to develop a monument to him. The two towns merged as one and erected the monument, which now serves as the tomb of Jim Thorpe as well. The countryside there is even more beautiful than the story and sentiment!

In times since, the original coal mining town has grown in popularity, had a rebirth, and returned to its former glory. Whitewater rafting and mountain biking have replaced coal mining and the railroad industry, and Jim Thorpe has become a flourishing tourism and cultural region. The small-town charm of its quaint little stores with fantastic shopping deals, the novel train rides, and the final resting place of Jim Thorpe himself, all stands as a tribute to the community’s understated character. You’ll certainly want to spend a day exploring the many wonderful antique shops here. Jim Thorpe is an awesome town, but we’ve barely begun to uncover the Poconos. This magnificent mountain range transverses the border of Pennsylvania and runs on up into New York. Long a summer favorite of New England and the eastern seaboard, the beauty of the Poconos is unparalleled in the entire region.

Things to Do

What is there to do in this area of the Poconos? All manner of outdoor mountain activities in all seasons are at your disposal. Enjoy camping and hiking, catch fish, sightseeing, mountain biking, fishing, boating, kayaking, whitewater river rafting, canoeing, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, or just spend your time relaxing, if you like. From the most extreme sports to the most peaceful ways of whiling away the hours, you’ll find this area of the Poconos mountains are everything you ever dreamed about for a vacation destination and much, much more! With over 30 golf courses that offer golfing coupons and deals on tee times, including championship courses designed by many greats like Jack Nicklaus and Robert Trent Jones. The area can accommodate everyone from the fresh beginner to a PGA pro—all in the most famous sylvan splendor that is a hot spot for spring, summer, and fall vacations!

Vacation Deals

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