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Summer Vacation Ideas

The Cascade Mountains and Columbia River are rapidly becoming America's favorite playground. With so many different types of activities to do in this cool summer spot, word is finally getting out. What those from Oregon have always known is that the Cascade mountains, the waterfalls, the mighty rivers, all combine to provide some of the greatest outdoor fun found anywhere!


Mountain biking is popular. While the sport originated in California and Colorado, such cycling may be most popular in Oregon. The summers are cool, and the winters mild (more so to the west of the Cascade range) making for ideal mountain biking conditions.


Mountain bikers won't be the only ones enjoying the moderate climate. Fisherman have long sung the praises of the region for trout and salmon as well as panfish, and fly fisherman think of it as a paradise. Golfers appreciate the Cascades as well. Bachelor Mountain, (named that because it stands separate of the Three Sisters mountains) has become a very popular destination both summer and winter.


Camping is pleasant in such climates, and the scenery is often breathtaking. Hikers find an endless list of trails and destinations as well. If you're inclined to visit such places on horseback, both you and your equine companion will appreciate the weather and the opportunities!

Rock Climing

Rock climbing and mountaineering are also very big in the central Cascades. Once again the weather is idea, and the opportunities nearly limitless. Smith Rock State Park is a famous climbing location, just a bit north of Bend, and there are several outfitters, guides and training service companies, experts who can advise and assist.

Other Outdoor Activities

Even more extreme sports enthusiasts find themselves at home in the central Cascades. From Bungie Jumping to Parasailing, summers in the Cascade mountains are full of chances to get truly radical and push the envelope. If your'e an adrenalin junkie, this is the place for you!

Let's not forget the Columbia River either. This mighty powerhouse provides whitewater rafting, paddling (canoe and kayak) and boating opportunities for everyone! If just about everything but deep sea fishing and surfing can be done on the Columbia, and some have even taken to surfing the waves made in a boat's wake! Fisherman of all kinda flock to these waters as well. Fly fishing is especially popular, and both salmon and trout run the river.

When it comes down to it, it's like the old real estate expression: Location, location, location. Very few places in the world provide so many awesome terrain opportunities in such a favorable climate. The skies are blue, temperatures kind, and you've got mountains, lakes, rivers, streams and flora fed by the volcanic history of the region. Wildlife abounds, and everyone everywhere is having fun doing what they love best.

What makes up a great vacation destination? Choices! The Central Cascade region offers up more choices of activities than just about anywhere else in the country. Whatever you want to do, whether you're a whooping extreme sports junkie or prefer to take in the tranquil splendor more quietly, from toddler to the most senior amongst us, there's something for everyone in the central Cascade mountains!