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New York

New York Summer Vacation Deals

Unless you're from the Northeast, chances are that when you think of New York, your mind automatically goes to New York City, and the movement and sound of the nation's largest metropolis. You think of skyscrapers, concrete and steel, shopping, nightclubs, Times Square, New Year's Eve—all the greatest aspects of an urban giant. It's only fitting, then, that the Big Apple should have equally legendary spires and skyscrapers and tours in its mountains as well. Fact is, New York City is but a small part of this great state, and if you don't take in its lakes and mountains, you'll have done yourself a great disservice and missed out on a potential dream vacation!

What Makes New York State Unique

The enormous Adirondack State Park in Upstate (northern) New York is as natural a paradise as the big city is man-made. The sheer power of these ancient and venerable mountains sets the pace for distinction. Bigger than both Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks put together, you'll find countless stunning vistas to make your mountain vacation one full of memories of smiles etched on faces and hearts.

Mountains would be lacking without their pristine alpine lakes. You're in for a real treat! Lake Placid made its world debut during the Olympics in 1932 and hosted again in 1980. At 1,881 feet, this pacific mountain water's most famous images may very well be of sculling teams gliding smoothly across mirror smooth waters, the tips of the oars just barely making ripples, the water dripping off of each paddle. Picture-perfect in every way, these moments are but one facet, just one way in which to enjoy the splendors of this mountain resort destination. You'll find other sports events, such as Marathon Relay races and Ironman triathlons. There are horse shows, festivals, live music, concert series, parades ... and we still haven't even gotten to the Olympic Center. There you'll find year-round figure skating on the largest indoor ice surface in the world.

Things to Do

Of course, standards like mountain biking, rock climbing, golf, tubing, rafting, kayaking, white water river trips, camping, sailing, canoeing, boating, fishing, tours, and the like are all available. You can go fishing, take a horseback tour, go boating or take a canoe out alone. Placid is an awesome destination, but it's not the only lake in the Adirondacks. In fact, there are many some larger ones are: Saranac, Schroon, Lake George, and Champlain each hold their own special style and flavor, giving you ample reason to explore each of these mountain lakes and stroll in their surrounding forests, rivers, streams and meadows. This summer mountain paradise you might never even have known existed may be almost impossible to leave!

Summer Vacation Deals

Click on a resort area and take advantage of the fantastic savings for summer vacations in New York and start planning and saving with all the vacation deals and discounts for your exciting summer mountain escape.

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