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New Mexico Whitewater Rafting Deals

Are you ready for a challenging and new way to enjoy the summer? Whitewater rafting is a fantastic activity for you and your family to be a part of! New Mexico isn't just about its vast desert landscapes. The land itself is steeped in rich historical and cultural beauty that extends into all of the nature there. And that is especially true when you navigate along the river. Taking a trip down one of their famous rivers will open up access to incredible sight seeing opportunities. Race down routes along the Rio Grande, Rio Chama and more with experienced guides that are just as much as of an outdoor lover as yourself! Every company is happy to provide pricing that fits all budgets and a staff that is ready and willing to answer all of your questions. Safety is the top priority for these rafting companies, so you can feel confident in your trip overall. Each member of your party will also be outfitted with things like life vests, wetsuits, and helmets as an additional layer of precaution as well. After you've determined what skill level or "class" of rapids you want to tackle, you'll also want to determine how long you want your trip to be. Are you looking for just a short rafting excursion that lasts a few hours? Or are you itching to take a break from your busy schedule and take a weekend-long ride along the river instead? Whatever you decide, you're going to be satisfied and hopefully become a life-long rafting adventurer! Take your pick from these amazing companies today, and don't forget to use these discounts when you check out to lock in the best value.

Angel Fire Resort

Big River Raft Trips

Get out on the Rio Grande River for a full day, half-day or multi-days in Northern New Mexico. Big River Raft Trips begin within about 200 miles of the headwaters of this nearly 1900-mile-long river. Enjoy world class rafting in a Class III section that is fun for people who've never before held a paddle, as well as for seasoned rafters. This exclusive Mountain Resort Coupons promo code deal is a great way to get your group in a raft at the best possible price.

Red River

Big River Raft Trips

Big River Raft Trips knows the best places to whitewater raft along the Rio Grande, and they're excited to share them with you throughout rafting season. Get out on some Class III medium-difficult rapids that do not require you to have any experience, or take in the scenery on a float through Lower Gorge. Whatever style of rafting adventure you're looking for, you can get a discount for your group of four or more with this exclusive deal through Mountain Resort Coupons.

Santa Fe

Big River Raft Trips

Put a smile on your family's faces when you take them out on the Rio Grande with Big River Raft Trips. From children to retirees - everyone loves whitewater rafting and the thrill of being out on the water. It's a great way to build confidence and bond with your family, friends or work team. Plan an affordable rafting trip for your group with this exclusive deal.


Big River Raft Trips

Rio Grande means Big River, and Big River Raft Trips is a professional rafting company you can trust for fun days out on the water. Put a smile on your face when you embark on a float trip or set out to paddle Class III rapids in one of the best places to whitewater raft in New Mexico. Use this exclusive deal code to get the best price on whitewater rafting for your group.