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Summer Vacation Ideas

Taos Valley, New Mexico has always been a fantastic summer getaway. From the pueblo people of the 1600's to Mexicans of the 1800's, to the tourists of the 2000's, Taos Valley has always been a great place. Its historic art community offers a rich cultural background, while the grandiose mountain locale offers cool breeze and crisp clean air. Though it is known as "Ski Town," the summers in Taos Valley offer some great outdoor activities for you and your whole family to enjoy.

Ski Lift

The best way to enjoy the mountain locale of Taos Valley is to ride the ski lift and view it from above. On the ride up you can breath in the crisp clean mountain air. While on top you should bask in an unobstructed view of the valley. The top of the mountain also offers great natural wild life, including beautiful meadows of wildflowers. This is a perfect activity for you and your whole family.

Horseback Riding

Taos Valley has some of the best natural scenery in all of New Mexico. While visiting Taos Valley on your next summer vacation, you should take a horseback riding tour. Take a leisurely trek or join an all day trip to remote locations.


The Hondo River cuts through like a knife creating a perfect haven for the fishermen in your family. The trout fishing in the Hondo is legendary, attracting thousands of anglers from all over to its crystal clear mountain water.

Live Music

The summer music series is a great way for your whole family to enjoy a Saturday night. Ranging from barn burners for the parents to Hip Hop and Reggae performances for the kids. It’s always something different every weekend, so make sure to spend a Saturday in the valley.

Euro Bungee

This is the newest activity for the thrill seekers in your family. While visiting, test your will on the Euro Bungee. Think of it more like giant trampoline with bungee cords attached. With heights as high as two stories, the Euro Bungee is certain to keep thrill seekers satisfied.