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Summer Vacation Ideas

Once the glorious capitol of Nuevo Mexico (a province of new Spain at the time), Santa Fe is one of America's oldest capitols, just behind St. Augustine, Florida. A member of the Spanish nation for centuries, Nuevo Mexico didn't come into American hands until the fateful Santa Fe Expedition sparked the Mexican-American war. After the war, the areas that are now Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico became American territories. When New Mexico joined the union in 1912 as the 47th state, Santa Fe was named its capitol. Since the 20th century, Santa Fe has become a major hub for tourism. In fact, this city is a virtual tourist paradise, all year round.

Santa Fe Trail

The historic Santa Fe Trail was the only way to get to Santa Fe during the early 19th century. Thousands of wagon trains made the trek west on the Santa Fe Trail, arriving at the Plaza, a trading hub for over 400 years. The trail is still there and offers that best historic activities in Santa Fe.


Water lovers from all over come during the summer to enjoy in the newly melted snow. This makes for some of the best water rafting in the entire state. From bare knuckle whitewater to peaceful glides downstream, the Rio Grande has it all. Pack your bathing suit and bring the whole family along.

Hiking and Biking

This is a scenic desert paradise, full of beautiful forests and exciting trails to discover. Get up close and personal with nature while hiking throughout the national forest, or burn calories while enjoying that fresh desert air on two wheels. Trails range from scenic strolls and peaceful rides to challenging treks and outlandish rides.


New Mexico is home to some of the best golf courses in America. Santa Fe in particular is home to some of the finest. The Towa Golf Course offers challenging play, a first-class club house, and grade A course designed by some of golf's finest, where as Pueblo de Cochiti, located on the Cochiti Indian Reservation, offers dawn till dusk play.

Art Galleries

If you get tired of outdoor fun, Santa Fe is a hub for the artistically inclined. The over two hundred galleries in Santa Fe offer a wide range of art so you can experience rich culture first hand!