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Santa Fe

Most people think of New Mexico as a desert Native American state—especially those who have never been there before. While it is largely Southwest and Old West, the northern portion of the state lies within the Rocky Mountains, providing some of the basis for the nickname, Land of Enchantment.

Land of Enchantment

Santa Fe and the Sipapu Mountain Resort areas are certainly enchanting any time of year. Temperatures are moderate, the dry air comfortable for most everyone. A favorite hideaway of artists and artisans, you'll find dozens of their shops to browse through. Take a stroll down the streets of this quaint little mountain towns. You'll soon join the others who agree that Santa Fe is a special place to visit.

If it's a peaceful rest from the day to day routine, Santa Fe can be that for you. If you're after more adrenaline mountain activities, you'll find like rock climbing and mountaineering, trails to hike, mountain bike areas, horse trails, hot air balloons and off-road excursions. Fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, tubing and the like, turn mountain rivers into a natural amusement parks designed just for your pleasure. One could spent weeks there and not give this area its due. Some visitors are so enthralled they end up moving to Santa Fe. But there's more to this sleepy town than the art scene, American history, and culture. Santa Fe's mountains, enjoyed during the winter months, become spring, summer and fall welcome outdoors hosts as well.

Sipapu Resort is a great place to discover the fun activity of Disc Golf. Played similar to traditional golf, but using a Frisbee, Sipapu is offering their 20-hole pro course free of charge (no green fees). The trip to the Carson National Forest would be motive enough, but this Chris Meyer designed Disk Golf course makes a great outing of it. You'll enjoy the fresh, crisp air of the pine-covered mountains, the deer and elk and rabbits, eagles, hawks and owls. Nature just loves to show off up here.

With all this talk of galleries, you may be thinking Santa Fe is “just for looking' at.” Rest assured, all the alpine gems are still there—mountain lakes and streams and peaks, open expanses of terrain cut like swatches between the pines. It's all there to hike, bike, swim, and fish upon and enjoy. Laid back or an adventure, a vacation to the Santa Fe area offers both, and the choices are up to you.

Getting Here

Just an hour north of Albuquerque on Intestate 25, Santa Fe, with daily flights is easy to get to, adding to its appeal. The big name acts that the casinos draw to Albuquerque make this little mountain town all the more inviting.

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