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Summer Vacation Ideas

When we think of Red River in New Mexico, we are instantly transported to the John Wayne classic of the same name. Red River was the perfect western town, an inspiration for countless stories. It was a part of the vast Ute Indian empire, until it was discovered by the prospectors and fur trappers in the 1840's and 1850's. River City (as Red River was originally named) was set up to accommodate the vast influx of people mining the gold, silver, and copper mines that littered the hills. The Gold Rush died out, and soon the homesteaders took over and began to carve the area into a mountain resort and vacation spot. In fact, they turned old mining cabins into rental homes for visitors. People began to stay for vacations and throughout the rest of the Twentieth Century, Red River has become a hot tourist destination.


The biking trails offer the perfect get away into nature. The area's natural surroundings rival anything in the west. Ride the old mining trails to learn more about the colorful history. These trails are still littered with old abandoned mines and cabins. You can also ride the chairlift to the trails and the bike or hike down the mountain.

Hiking and Camping

Red River's hiking trails also offer great backpacking opportunities. The Wheeler Peak Wilderness Area offers day-long trips through the wilderness, while the nature trail gives you a brisk walk through Red River's natural surroundings. Feel free to bring you camping gear and settle down after a long hike. This is the perfect way to become one with nature. Don't forget to get a copy of the Red River Camping Guide to find the best possible spot to fit you and your families needs.


The Red River is stocked full of trout every year. When visiting for your summer vacation, don't forget your rod and reel. The area offers fantastic fishing opportunities for the whole family. If you don't have the gear, there are plenty of places to get anything you need. Drop a line and good luck.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is the icon of the west. You can't visit here without experiencing it like the cowboys did when it was created, on horseback. Ride the old mine trails and experience what people experienced 150 before you. Breath the mountain air and trot around via horseback. It's worth it!


Do you like to off-road? While visiting, rent a Jeep or ATV and brave the terrain yourself or take a guided tour. Tour the old mining camps and learn about your surroundings.