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New Mexico

New Mexico Summer Vacation Deals

New Mexico is well known as a desert state. Of late, celebrities have discovered the beauty of the state's northern meadows and mountains, but the prevailing image of the Land of Enchantment as an arid land remains hard to dispel. The wondrous truth is that places like Santa Fe, Angel Fire, Ruidoso, Red River, and Taos are both rare and spectacular jewels, a crown of mountainous treasure which rests upon magnificent and enchanting lands.

What Makes New Mexico Unique

People choose the mountains as their vacation destination for many reasons. Some are after the peaceful rest that clear, cool mountain air provides the serene stillness that such alpine palaces endow their visitors with. The rocky spires become those of a cathedral, and we the awe-filled supplicants. Others prefer the invigorating aspects of mountain life—activities like rock climbing and mountaineering, hiking, mountain bikes, horseback tours and trails, river raft trips, catching fish, golfing and golf courses and off-road jeep and ATV tours and excursions. Fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, tubing and the like turn mountain rivers, lakes and gorges into a natural amusement park more magnificent than anything man has ever designed.

Mountain Vacation Destinations

Santa Fe is revered by many as an artists' community. The artisans' galleries, scores of them, hold proof that the reputation is well deserved. One could spent weeks there and not give them all justice. But there's more to this sleepy town than the art scene and culture. Santa Fe's mountains, majestic surrounding mountains become welcome outdoors hosts as well. Just an hour north of Albuquerque on Intestate 25, Santa Fe is easy to get to, adding to its appeal.

Another draw is the tribal casinos, found on both the north and south of Albuquerque and on upwards, they are far from the old Bingo parlors of yesteryear. Full gambling facilities and a Las Vegas caliber set of accommodations, stay and play packages at fine hotels and entertainments await guests of the casinos in New Mexico. Big name acts take the time to stop in, making the casino resorts doubly attractive. Add the world-class golf courses to the pot and you find yourself at a mountain retreat resort destinations second to none.

Angel Fire, up in the highest peaks of New Mexico, offers rare treats like fly fishing and mountain biking and hiking serviced by the summer ski lift chairs, world-class golf courses, and much, much more! The “Soul of the Southwest," Taos, has been home to the Native Americans for over a thousand years, and boasts of elevations ranging from 5,000 to 14,000 feet! To the south, we find Ruidoso, located in the Rocky Mountains of southern New Mexico, and her 12,000-foot Sierra Blanca, part of the homelands of the Mescalero Apache Indians. Throughout and in between are hot springs, national forests, ancient Indian villages, and all manner of splendid sights and adventures that show why New Mexico is rightly called the Land Of Enchantment.

Discounts for Summer Vacations

For New Mexico vacation deals click on the links to the left of your screen now for money-saving coupons, discounts and vacation package bargains on your next NM, mountain vacation! Truly spectacular, these mountain resort vacation destinations lend themselves well to summer vacation pleasures. So delightful a place is difficult to improve upon, but we can help make your stay more pleasant by offering you discounts and coupons for favorite lodging, from condo rentals to chalets, hotel deals, motels, vacation packages, bed and breakfasts, lodges, resorts, casinos, and campgrounds to luxurious spa and hotel resorts.

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Photo Courtesy of New Mexico Tourism