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Area History

Although many believe that this town got its name from Abraham Lincoln, it was actually founded before the president was even born. The town was chartered by Colonel Benjamin Simonds and 64 of his business associates. Part of the reason for the charter was due to Simonds fame as a member of the Massachusetts Militia, where he was instrumental in winning the Battle of Bennington. He was very well thought of in the area and the town was a gift. Simonds decided to name the town for one of his friends, Major General Benjamin Lincoln, who was a major figure in the Militias at the time. He was very instrumental in the victory of several battles and Simonds thought it a fitting tribute to the name the town for this great hero.

The main settlers to the town were known as the Society of Friends, or Quakers. This group had a strong presence in the entire county and they found the land to be perfect for agricultural pursuits. At one time, Lincoln was home to a large meeting house for the Quakers, but it was later destroyed. However, their influence lives on in the town, thanks to Quaker Street.

When you visit Lincoln, one of the first places to stop is the Historical Society where you will find countless artifacts that date back to the 19th century. This offers a rare glimpse at the lives of early settlers and the struggles and triumphs they endured. While you’re there, we highly recommend visiting the restored 19th century farmhouse that is home to many of the artifacts. An 18th century barn is also located at the same site and is of interest for architectural buffs.

Numerous festivals are held all year round in Lincoln and fall is a favorite time for many travelers to visit. The fall colors here are simply amazing and should not be missed. However, thanks to its temperate climate, this is also a great vacation spot during the summer months and there is much to see and do here for the whole family. Although Lincoln has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a farming community, it matured into a wonderful town that has much to offer travelers. It may not be the best known spot in New Hampshire, but that is certainly part of its charm. It still offers a rare glimpse at the past while providing a strong future to ensure that the town continues on.

If you enjoy New England, than Lincoln is definitely a town that should be on your itinerary. The values that founded the town are still present today and you can easily see what drew settlers to this idyllic spot hundreds of years ago. If you are looking to experience the great Northeast at its finest, there are few places that have as much to offer as Lincoln, New Hampshire. For your next vacation, consider stopping here for a rare look at the good life.