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Summer Vacation Ideas

It's the highest peak in the northeast, in fact Mount Washington, New Hampshire could be the most exciting skiing on the east coast. Its history as one of the oldest and most famous ski resorts in America makes it a top eastern tourist attraction every winter. Yet, the summer months still attract thousands with as much fun offered as during the winter months. Whether it's biking, hiking, or fishing, or are just looking to get outside and enjoy nature, it's hard to beat Mount Washington.

Farm by the River

Honeymooning? Vacationing? Just looking to get away? Visit Farm By The River in Mount Washington to experience New England like nothing else. This historic bed and breakfast, built in 1778, offers a unique view into the past, as well as great vacation opportunities. Among the many things to do at Farm by the River is horseback riding.

Biking and Hiking

New Hampshire is a beautiful place. Its scenic beauty has captured the imagination of generations dating all the way back to the first Europeans who landed in America. Mount Washington's scenic biking and hiking trails give you a chance to come face to face with nature at its finest. Breath the fresh mountain air and soak up the summer sun while running the trails.

Horseback Riding

The best way to take in the panoramic scope of outdoor New Hampshire is by riding its trail on horseback. Mount Washington offers many great horseback riding offers, such as the Farm by the River or the Black Mountain Stables, who offer guided tours up the mountain trails.

Mt. Washington Auto Road

The Auto Road is a road built on Mount Washington. This road, which charges 20 dollars, but includes a CD tour to play during your trip, takes its passengers over Mount Washington. Due to the extreme bad weather, no two trips along the road are ever the same.

Cog Railway

If you don't feel like driving up Mount Washington, take the historic Cog Railway. Mount Washington was the first mountain to have a railway installed that could climb its peak. The Cog Railway offers candid views of Mount Washington's native plant and animal life, as well as stunning shots of the mountain itself.