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Summer Vacation Ideas

Although most of the focus goes on Lake Tahoe during the summer months, with boating in particular, there are actually quite a few activities that the whole family can enjoy throughout summer. The area is quite family friendly and there is a great mix of fun for both adults and children. While boating is important to the area, it certainly isn’t the last word in entertainment.


We’ll start with the obvious and then move onto the other activities that are available here. Boating is incredibly popular and with a lake this big and this beautiful, you should spend at least one day on it if you’re going to be in the area. You won’t even have to bring your own boat since there are numerous rental places located throughout the area. This is also a great place to fishing and many of the resorts on the lake offer the ability to cook up your day’s catch and eat it fresh. That’s truly an experience that not a lot of city dwellers can enjoy on a regular basis.


The hiking trails around the lake and the surrounding forests and national pars are incredibly well maintained and awe inspiring. Again, this is an activity that should be tried at least once during your stay. Although some of the terrain is a little difficult for first time hikers, there are plenty of trails built to accommodate those that just want to get out and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature without breaking their backs. You’ll find a good variety of different trails and some wonderful places to pass the afternoon at the end of your hike.


There are dozens of world-class golf courses here and they are a favorite of travelers around the globe. Whether you’re staying at a golf resort or just visiting a local course, you really haven’t golfed until you’ve tried it here. The vistas are simply awe inspiring and supply a background for a round that is both challenging and fun. Even if you’ve never golfed before, this is a great place to give it a try.

Rock Climbing

If you like the challenge of attacking a rock face, you’ll find plenty of places to test your skills in the area. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of locations that offer guided or free rock climbing.


Here there are plenty of great places to see how Lady Luck feels about you. Try your hand at the famous Keno games, or stick to the excitement of electronic slots. Odds are you’ll have a great time, no matter how much you win.


This is an area that should be seen by air due to the incredible natural beauty. A balloon ride is a great way for the whole family to spend an afternoon and enjoy the view.