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South Lake Tahoe of Nevada

Explore the wealth of exciting activities to be enjoyed in this most special part of "The Battle Born State." Flanked by the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, the lake is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the entire world. Nevada’s South Lake Tahoe offers vacation choices from gambling at numerous casinos and hotels, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, golfing, swimming, dining at countless restaurants, sightseeing, tourist shopping malls, festivals, fairs, attractions, family fun activities and much much more.

Lake Tahoe is essentially split into two main parts - South Lake Tahoe and North Lake Tahoe. Southern Lake Tahoe stretches out of Nevada and into other states, but a large portion of the lake is present specifically in Nevada. What makes Lake Tahoe such an excellent vacation destination during the summer months, is the fact that this vast deep lake offers a host of different activities and attractions that can meet a variety of interests.

Things to Do

There are plenty of water sports and marine activities that are available. Are you interested in driving your own personal water craft? There are a variety of water crafts that you can rent and ride in Southern Lake Tahoe, including jet skis and wave runners, and your very own little boat if you are interested in touring the entire lake. There are also excursions for parasailing, hot air ballooning, and a variety of other interesting activities and attractions that you can take part in at the lake, or in areas surrounding the lake. These are very exhilarating activities that are especially popular during the summer months when the air is warm and the water is cool. South Lake Tahoe is also very well known for providing excellent opportunities for fishing, and anyone who is interested in catching the "big fish" will find plenty of enjoyment.

If you do not have your own equipment for popular summer vacation activities, rest assured that you can come by the equipment that you need by way of plenty of locations that not only rent out the supplies that you need, but also offer lessons and training in a number of activities, such as scuba diving, parasailing and hot air ballooning. If hiking or mountain biking is your thing then get ready because there are hundreds of miles of nature trails to choose from.

In addition, to all the surrounding beauty, there are casinos. One can play golf during the day and spend the evening at the tables. Most of the casinos provide fine dining, restaurants and plenty of live entertainment.

Summer Vacation Discounts

You will find deals and discounts on activities for boating, fishing, golf, cruises, yachting, parasailing, swimming, diving, scuba diving, hiking, bicycling, mountain biking, canoeing and many other exciting activities for the entire family.

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Photos Courtesy of Lake Tahoe Chambers of Commerce