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Area History

Big Sky country is often the term used to refer to Montana, but there is also a city named Big Sky and it is home to a resort and numerous activities all year round. The area that is now known as West Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area around was originally inhabited by the Paleolithic tribes and artifacts have been found that date back at least 9,000 years. Even the bones of mammoths and other prehistoric creatures have been found here, giving us a glimpse into why so many people and animals called this place home.

In more recent history, several Native American tribes have links to this area. The Blackfeet in particular settled the area, as well as many other smaller tribes. They were eventually pushed out as fur trappers and more settlers moved into the region. Due to the area’s rich game, the fur trade was booming during the early and mid 1800’s and soon towns began to spring up throughout the region. Once the gold rush hit in the 1860’s even more people began streaming into the area.

Soon, ranches would be settled and agriculture joined mining as a primary means of income for most of the settlers. To this day, ranching plays a big part in the culture of the state and especially in this particular area. At first, the open range laws were in effect and ranchers grazed their cattle openly, using brands as a means of identification. Disputes arose and eventually barbed wire fences began to divide up the massive amounts of range land.

The period of the early 1900’s to after the Second World War were tough on Big Sky. The state went into an incredible drought for several years and the economy hit rock bottom. It wasn’t until the tourist trade began to pick up and ranchers got back on their feet that things began to look up for the residents. Now, the area is definitely booming and although it is primarily an agricultural community, the new resorts in the area have made it a popular destination for travelers around the world.

The Big Sky Resort is one of the most popular resorts in the entire state. It is open year round and offers a variety of activities for the entire family. From skiing in the winter to hiking and fishing in the summer, there are plenty of different things to do during your stay here. One of the most popular attractions at the resort are the sky lifts, that give you a unique opportunity to view the surrounding wilderness from above. There are plenty of summer vacation options that are available to tourists and many are available only at this location. It’s easy access to West Yellowstone National Park has made it a favorite among many travelers.