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Montana Summer Vacation Deals

The air is so crisp and clean, so clear it leaves indelible pictures in your memory. Each time you look out at the mountains, or out from them and across that big, deep blue sky, you find yourself feeling so good, alive like you've never felt before! That's what Montana's mountains have to offer. That's why people who come once come again, time after time, year after year. Some even decide to stay, make Montana their home.

What Makes Montana Unique

One of the many pleasures of time spent in Montana's mountains is the splendid array of summer fields and grasses. Whether seen from within them, amidst the wildflower bouquet, or from the mountainside, the spectacular, picture-perfect vistas are truly staggering! Home to Glacier National Park, with its verdant covered formations and postcard-perfect mountain lakes, Montana is the quintessential mountain vacation destination.

Mountain Resort Destinations

With millions of acres of national and state forests originally set aside to preserve Americas natural beauty, one can visit and vacation to places in Montana like Glacier National Park (part of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park), Yellowstone National Park, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Lewis and Clark Cavern National Monument, Gallatin National Forest, Nez Perce National Historical Park, Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and other national and state historical parks.

It can't be said strongly or often enough that the mountains here truly are an alpine paradise. Rising dramatically, these carved rocks climb to the sky. Just being in such a pristine place is good for the soul. But you won't want to sit around. There are so many things to do like world-class fly fishing, hiking, exploring by horseback, mountain biking—you can even see Montana by hot air balloon. World-renowned golfing and golf courses are found throughout Montana, and whitewater river rafting and kayaking aren't to be missed.

Part of Yellowstone National Park is found within Montana as well. Over two million acres to wander, hike, and play in all from the West Entrance. Called the Treasure State, you'll have plenty of space to stretch your legs and discover the many gems just one being the abundance of wildlife, from bears to birds. Some indoor fun will included visiting museums dedicated to both the original inhabitants the Native Americans and the western pioneering spirit that makes up those who have made Montana their home.

Check out the Crow Reservation, it's not to be missed. The Bighorn Mountains are backdrop to the reservation lands, and gaining a glimpse of the summer tribal activities is a very worthwhile excursion. Custer National Forest is another on the 'must see list.' Granite Peak, the highest point in the state, is within it, and the Bitterroot Mountains, Beartooth Scenic Highway begins at Red Lodge (one of the top ten byway drives in the U.S.).

Summer Vacation Deals to the Mountains

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