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Whitewater Rafting near Summit County, Colorado

Families and first-time rafters will enjoy an unforgettable experience on the Upper Colorado River, and seasoned paddlers will be thrilled by the heart-pounding Class V rapids and steep grades of Gore Canyon. Liquid Descent's professional whitewater guides are ready to give you your best days on water through all of it! Get out and play in some true Colorado beauty, where abundant wildlife will watch you cruise past. Ride in a paddle raft, oar raft, Mini Me or inflatable kayak with guides that consider your safety just as much as your level of fun! Whether you're looking for a day to play or the ultimate in whitewater paddling, Liquid Descent has the trip option perfect for you.
Liquid Descent



1896 Stanley Road
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

Expires: 09/06/2021

• Trips for families and young children available
• Clear Creek Advanced trip has the most continuous Class IV in the state of Colorado
• Group discounts are available
• Wetsuits, splash jackets and helmets are provided. Wetsuit bootie rentals are optional.
Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability Agreement Must be signed*

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