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Whitewater Rafting near Summit County, Colorado

If you want a family-friendly float, the Upper Colorado River at Kremmling or the Blue River by Frisco are each excellent options. If you want a more advanced, Class IV rip down the river, Ten Mile Creek has the adrenaline rush you're after. Intermediate adventurers can also grab some fun and see the scenery along the Blue River by the Summit County Outpost in Frisco. Whatever your skill level, KODI's Rafting will get you on the right trip this rafting season. Check out this family-owned operation that is a local's favorite. This friendly staff of river guide professionals place both fun and safety as top priorities.
KODI Rafting



908 Summit Blvd.
Frisco, CO 80443

Expires: 09/06/2021

• Try whitewater rafting, standup paddling, saddle paddling or a zip line & rafting combo trip
• Transportation to the river is provided from the designated outpost. Condo or hotel shuttles may be arranged for an additional fee.
• Group discounts available
Trips have minimum age requirements. Check the website for all details.*

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