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Whitewater Rafting near Summit County, Colorado

Use Promo Code MRC19 to secure this deal when you book your trip today! Since 1992, Clear Creek Rafting Company has been dedicated to providing the best river experience for visitors in Summit County, CO. As the original largest and most experienced outfitter, this company has a clear idea of how to make your trip memorable and fun. They offer fantastic deals on prices that are already pretty hard to beat, which means you're going to get the best value! Choose from an assortment of trip types, depending on your level of expertise on the river. Higher scaled rapids means there's more action and aggressive water to overcome. For those seeking a gentler ride, a beginners course or a Class II will be perfect for you and your group. Most trips will also require children to be at least four-years-old to ensure the safety for young outdoor lovers. While reservations aren't necessarily mandatory, they are encouraged to help make sure you land the right date and time you're planning on experiencing your adventure. Each trip you'll be provided wetsuits and splash vests and knowledgeable staff members will be available to answer your questions prior to your river excursion. Take advantage of this discount today and see those dollars fly back into your pocket!
Clear Creek Rafting



350 Whitewater Road
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

Expires: 09/06/2021

• Wetsuit and splash vest available for every customer
• Digital photos available for participants to take home
• Two rivers to choose from for rafting trips
• Safe, dependable & trained staff ready to guide every tour
*Must call and mention discount at time of reservation.  Not valid with any other discounts.

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