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Summer Vacation Ideas

While most people assiciate Colorado with winter activities, we know that towns like Steamboat florish in the summer and fall months due to the stunning backdrop, excellent dining options, and summre fun activities like boating, fishing, golfing, hiking, and soaking in the hot springs.

Hot Springs

The hot springs in the area are known for the healing qualities. Tourists from all over the world have come to experience the healing waters here and stay for a relaxing vacation. There are two hot springs that are open to the public all year round and since the climate is temperate, you won’t have to worry about getting overheated.

Outdoor Sports

If you love to take it to the next level, there are plenty of different outdoor sports that you can enjoy during the summer months. Mountain biking and river rafting are two very popular activities. There are plenty of different rivers and lakes in this area that offer a wide variety of tranquil drifting to hair raising adventures. You’ll have a lot talk about when you get back from a summer vacation like this.

ATV tours horseback riding are also incredibly popular right now. Each offers a different way to see the country. You can either ride in the footsteps of the early settlers or whiz by as you take in all the mountains and terrain.

Getting in Touch with Nature

There are plenty of parks and hiking trails and all offer a great way to slow down and experience the beauty of this area. While snow is pretty, you haven’t lived until you have seen the mountains during the summer time when they are drenched with wildflowers and green grass. Plan a lunchtime picnic or walk under the stars for a romantic interlude.

Cultural Activities

Since the area is so historic, you’ll be able to visit local museums that chronicle the history of the town, as well as art galleries and many other attractions. The shopping is incredible here and the area is home to many artists and furniture makers who create one of a kind pieces that will bring a little bit of the area home with you at the end of your vacation.


Golf courses are particularly beautiful due to the natural terrain. Most take advantage of this terrain and the many golf courses in the area. Most courses are championship level but are attainable by any player, regardless of their skill level. You’ll be sure to enjoy your vacation if you can fit in at least one round of golf during your stay.