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Royal Gorge Region

Dinosaur bones, park rides, a train ride, a suspension bridge nearly 1000-feet high, and a gorge carved over three million years ago—that list is the reason why kids and adults of all ages flock to the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park each year.  People love the natural beauty and wonder behind the Gorge as the Arkansas River’s own baby Grand Canyon and, because the bridge, park, and train surrounding this geological sensation are one of a kind, it would be a shame to miss on your next Colorado summer vacation.

The history behind the area is fascinating, like that of something out of an old western movie. Such tribes as the Ute Indians visited the Gorge often, as did the Plains Indians during the spring and summer months. When silver was discovered up river, two railroad companies fought over the rights to the land—they even hired gun slingers and rounded up a 200-man posse to have it out. In the end, the Rio Grande Railroad has been traveling through the Gorge since 1879.

The Royal Gorge is near the town of Cañon City, and just a short drive from Salida, and Buena Vista. Traveling here is simple when you fly into Colorado Springs and drive of just one hour. This area is full of fun activities including hiking, whitewater rafting, fishing, and so much more.

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad

Taking a train ride is something we hardly get to experience and the Royal Gorge Route Railroad turns this thought into an adventure for all. The trip is just two hours taking you through the Gorge along the Arkansas River. In addition, the train has excellent food and service taking the experience to the next level. The family will love this trip! Special trips throughout the year, including Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, and New Year’s Eve come with a full gourmet meal.

The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Be sure to check out the video at the park that goes over the history of the area. You’ll be amazed at all that has happened here over the years, including the finding of some of the most intact dinosaur bones ever found. The park sits on the edge of the Royal Gorge and some, including the Aerial Gondolas, zipline or sky coaster, take you over the Gorge for some amazing views.  There are nature hikes and shopping, as well as places to get some food. The Royal Gorge is excited to announce our newest attraction for 2019 - The Royal Gorge Via Ferrata! Guests will now be able to climb the granite rock walls of the Royal Gorge with trained mountain guides and will experience views of the Royal Gorge that most don’t have the opportunity to see.

Royal Gorge Summer Vacation Deals

Take a look at the categories provided and head to the place that has been a wonder to visitors for centuries. Use the deals and discounts here for lodging nearby and other fun activities and tours.

Photo Courtesy of Royal Gorge Route Railroad