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Summer Vacation Ideas

This was a place of wonder in the days of the Native Americans. It was also a place of constant battle between tribes, for its hot springs were said to have therapeutic powers. The Great Pagosa Springs still bring people from all over to enjoy in its relaxing and naturally therapeutic waters, making the area a great place to bring the whole family for your summer vacation.

Hot Springs

The Great Pagosa Springs have attracted people for centuries due to the overwhelmingly relaxing and peaceful waters. Bring the whole family and enjoy what people have been enjoying for centuries!


Camp under the stars in one of the many fine camping facilities, whether you bring a tent or travel with the whole family in an R.V. There are plenty of designated camping grounds, as well as plenty of national forest to do on your own.


Colorado is known for its fishing. Just about every town has fantastic fishing. Pagosa Springs is no exception, boasting plenty of rivers and lakes with high trout activity. Choose from many fantastic locations, such as Lake Capote and Opal Lake.


Another way to take in all of the wonderful visuals is to hike one of their many designated hiking trails. It’s a fun, healthy, and exciting way to explore Colorado. Don’t forget to bring a copy of the U.S. National Forest Service Map for guidance through the trails. Pack a backpack and make a day out it—don't forget plenty of water.

Rafting and Kayaking

A great way to get a little adventurous is to raft and/or kayaking down the San Juan River. The river can be a little rough at times, but is perfect for a nice one-man kayak or family-size raft. This is a great way to see some of the wild life, while enjoying the challenge the river throws at you. Paddle hard and hold on tight!