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Summer Vacation Ideas

Historic Leadville does not fit in well with its fellow Colorado resorts such as Aspen and Vail. Where places like Breckenridge are glitzy ski resorts, Leadville is a small, friendly mining town located in the heart of the Rockies. It has a historic past for being a dynamic mining town and many of the same structures that were built during that time still stand.


This is great place to through back your rod and get lines in the water. Known for hauling in some of the biggest trout in Colorado, the area is a prime place for any fishermen. There are many great spots to try your luck, but the most popular is the Arkansas River, a river known for its trout production.

Hot Springs

What better way to relax during your vacation than kicking back in on of there many indoor or outdoor hot springs. Hot Springs are a great place to bring the whole family and enjoy the rich mineral waters of locations like the Dotsero Warm Springs.


Hike one of the area's many wilderness trails. This miner's town is surrounded by beautiful forests and awe-inspiring geological wonders. Here you'll find both beginner trails (Wurt’s Ditch Road) and advanced (Jenny June Loop) trails.

Boating / Kayaking

Dice through a river in a kayak, troll around through the lakes, or anchor somewhere and drop your fishing pole! Also, this is the place to head for some serious whitewater rafting. Don’t have a boat or a kayak? No problem, there are plenty of places to rent.

Horseback Riding

We all know that classic image of a cow boy in the mountains sitting on top of his horse, gazing at the natural beauty of America. Now, you too can see the mountains and valleys, just like the cowboys did, on horseback. Travel to places where motor vehicles can’t go and reconnect with the past.