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Idaho Springs

Along the I-70 corridor, 30 miles west of Denver, lies the tiny town of Idaho Springs, Colorado. A familiar sight for local mountain sport enthusiasts, this town is the gateway to the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains, including Mount Evans, at 14,265 feet and the 12th tallest mountain peak in Colorado.

A Great Place to Stop for Lunch

With a population of just under 2,000, passers through and destination travelers frequently marvel at the seemingly unending number of options when it comes to things to do and places to stay in Idaho Springs.  Beyond the nearby outdoor activities, the town provides a unique glimpse of old west culture in it’s historic petite downtown. One of a kind shops, golf mime tours, craft beer, and museums of the town’s mining history, let visitors experience Colorado’s old west roots.

Founded in 1859, with the discovery of gold, the town underwent several name changes before finally settling on its current moniker. After the gold supply was exhausted, major discoveries of ore in the surrounding hills fueled further growth of the town. These days, Idaho Springs exists as a community for workers at nearby resorts and caters to vacationers year round.

Things to Do

Take Exit 240 to state Highway 103 at and visit the ranger station, museum, and visitors center. From there, it is scenic 15-mile drive to the top where one can enjoy panoramic views of the Front Range and beyond. Be it camping, horseback riding, golfing and mountain biking, fishing, hiking, mountaineering, photography, the area is a gateway to the Rockies.

Hike up St. Mary's Glacier and get a look at a beautiful lake while you picnic. Or stop by one of the many restaurants in the downtown area including an ice cream shop, Tommyknocker Brewery, and Two Brother Delicatessen, among other excelling dining options.

Getting Here

Fly into DIA and most people stop in Idaho Springs on the way to their summer or winter destinations. Just jump on I-70 and head into the mountains!

Summer Vacation Savings

If you are considering a vacation to Colorado, you need look no further to find deals on lodging, food, restaurants, shopping, and any number of outdoor activities regardless of the season. A Rocky Mountain vacation need not break the bank when you can experience all the surrounding areas have to offer. Plan your trip by taking advantage of all the Idaho Springs' deals and discounts, and you will go home with a head full of memories and stories to share.

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Photo Courtesy of City of Idaho Springs Facebook