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Summer Vacation Ideas

This area has some of the most awe inspiring scenery on the face of the planet. Weather it’s the brilliant Grand Mesa, the world’s largest flat top mountain, or the breath taking Colorado National Monument, Grand Junction is the place to go to get the full view of Colorado.

Colorado National Monument / Grand Mesa

The best possible way to start out your vacation here is by seeing its two most famous attractions. The Colorado National Monument is a breath taking 23,000-mile stretch of geological wonder. Over billions of years, the sandstone in the monument has been eroded to create some fantastic formations. One of the best formations is the Grand Mesa, a photographic 10,000-foot flat top mountain. Grand Mesa is also known for its beautiful forests and pristine rivers and lakes.


The western slope has many fun and exciting things to offer, but one of the most popular and most exciting activities is rafting down the famous Colorado River. Perhaps it’s because the Colorado has many long stretches of gentle waters so that even the least experienced rafter can enjoy themselves. Or it could be that Grand Junction has some of the best whitewater rafting out there. Either way, tours are available with experience tour guides so you can learn and enjoy at the same time.


Some of the best hiking in the United States is located here, or more specifically, the Colorado National Monument. There are trails for all ages and ability levels, whether you want to take a nice breezy stroll or decent hundreds of feet into the valley.


This area is known for its serious mountain biking, with trails such as Kokopelli. Yet, less experienced bikers can ride the paved trails along the Colorado River, thus still enjoying the natural beauty without exerting as much energy.


As in most resorts in the West, the western slope has many fantastic golf courses, such as the Chipeta and Lincoln Park courses. Most of the courses are reasonably priced and off a wide range of locations and visuals to see every golfer and vacationer’s needs.