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Whitewater Rafting in Glenwood Springs

The mountains of Colorado are one of the best places in the country to go for whitewater rafting and you can get the best prices for all kinds of whitewater rafting getaways! Whatever skill level you are, whether you are just a beginner or an advanced whitewater rafter, you can have a great time in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and find a stretch of the river that suits you.
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Blue Sky Adventures

They say that the outdoors does a spirit good and you'll find that to be true right away! Blue Sky Adventures in Glenwood Springs is the closest (and one of the best) outfitters in town. Their team is made up of enthusiastic outdoor lovers who are eager to take you on a journey of a lifetime. But with their incredibly affordable prices, you don't have to worry about this being a onetime deal. Explore one (or all three) unique rivers in Colorado and enjoy the surprisingly (but amazing) way the river can soothe and calm your mind! Want to save even more on top of everything else? Take a look at this discount and secure the best value around.


Is there whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs?
Glenwood Springs is a great place to go whitewater rafting. In the summer, temperatures in Glenwood Springs can reach 90 degrees, and the 70-degree river is absolutely perfect! The famous Colorado River flows right through the beautiful mountain town, and there are great sections close to town and also in stunning Glenwood Canyon. From mild floaters to more intense sections, there’s something for everyone in and around Glenwood Springs.
What rivers have whitewater rafting near Glenwood Springs?
The Colorado River flows right through Glenwood Springs and provides some of the finest rafting in the state. There are easy floats and more challenging sections that have thrilling Class III and Class IV rapids. If you are in Glenwood Springs, a trip through vaunted Glenwood Canyon makes for a memorable ride and amazing photos. There are several rafting companies in Glenwood Springs that operate on the Colorado River. Most offer deals and discounts on mountainresortcoupons.com.
What time of year can I go whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs?
Whitewater rafting hits its peak in Glenwood Springs in the late spring and early summer. Although you can do some rafting in March and April, there are more sections available in May through September. Most vacationers like to cruise the waters in June, July and August, when outside temperatures during the daytime can reach 90-plus degrees and the water is a refreshing 70 degrees.
Is whitewater rafting near Glenwood Springs fun for families?
Absolutely! Whitewater rafting is fun for adventure seekers of all ages, so it’s perfect for families with kids, teens, young adults and seniors. Most rafting companies will allow younger children to ride with a parent or guardian if they are too young to paddle. The Colorado River near Glenwood has all kinds of rafting choices, from easy floaters to foamy white-knucklers. Families love the easy ride through Glenwood Canyon that has a few challenging sections for thrills and laughs.
Are there rafting trips for young children in Glenwood Springs?
The iconic Colorado River is an easy flowing river with sections that are calm and perfect for young adventurers. Class II and Class III stretches provide a bit of action and beautiful scenery. Kids can ride in whitewater rafts with their parents, relatives and friends. Each raft holds 8-10 riders and a guide who will teach you all the skills and techniques you need to know. The guide may also position younger paddlers at strategic spots in the boat for safety, and to ensure a consistent paddle.
Do I need reservations to go whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs?
It’s probably best to make reservations if you’re going with your family or in a larger group of people. Having a reservation will help make sure your group gets in the same raft and not split up. If you’re a single rider or in a group of only two or three, you might be able to fill in some spots on a raft. Most rafts hold 8-10 passengers and guides prefer a full raft, so sometimes an additional one or two people can be helpful.
Are there full-day rafting trips near Glenwood Springs?
There are a few rafting companies that have amazing trips on the Colorado River near Glenwood. Whitewater Rafting LLC has years of experience running on the river through the nearby canyon. Blue Sky Adventures is right in town and has full-day trips that can be easy or more challenging, whichever you prefer. Dvorak’s Rafting Expeditions have some of the finest guides in the state and offer a few different day trips that are worth a look.
Are there half-day rafting trips near Glenwood Springs?
A half-day rafting trip is a perfect activity during either the morning or afternoon during your Glenwood Springs vacation. Early morning trips can get your heart racing while the sun’s still ascending in the sky, but an afternoon outing in the glistening sun is hard to beat. Which one sounds best to you? Blue Sky Adventures is a local’s favorite that often has deals and discounts on half-day trips on mountainresortcoupons.com.
Are there group specials for whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs?
A perfect group activity for families, church organizations, clubs and business retreats during the summer months is whitewater rafting on the Colorado River near Glenwood Springs. Some of the area’s best outfitters have deals, specials and promo codes on mountainresortcoupons.com that you can use to book direct and save money. Whitewater Rafting LLC and Blue Sky Adventures both have group packages that are exciting for paddlers of all ages and abilities.
Are there hotels near whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs?
Glenwood Springs has a few hotels around town that are more affordable than lodging in nearby towns like Aspen and Beaver Creek. The historic Hotel Glenwood Springs and Hot Springs is located in the heart of the city, and there are several chain hotels near the town’s two exits from the interstate. There are also a few independently owned hotels and motels that are highly rated. To find a lodging deal, visit mountainresortcoupons.com and browse promo codes that can save you money!
What should I wear for whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs?
If you think Crocs and flip-flops are a good idea, you are wrong. They don’t provide enough protection and can slip off during intense action in the water. You are better off packing an old pair of tennis shoes that you don’t mind if they get wet, muddy or ruined. Grab a pair that you can spray off with a garden hose after the ride of your life, and let them bask in the sun until they’re dry. Never go barefoot!
Where can I find a deal on whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs?
Whitewater rafting on the Colorado River can be thrilling or relaxing, depending on the rafting trip you choose. To find a deal on whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs, visit mountainresortcoupons.com and browse active deals, discounts, specials, coupons and promo codes that you can use to save some serious cash on your vacation. Pick a rafting trip and save money, then find lodging, activities and even dining that you can save on. Look at all the deals in one spot and pick what’s best!
How can I save money on whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs?
If you want to save money on whitewater rafting, go to mountainresortcoupons.com and find specials. Top rafting companies in Glenwood Springs load up the site’s with tons of savings - everything from Class II float trips and Class IV thrillers to things like food, hotels and transportation.
Where can I find promo codes for whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs?
Promo codes are easy to use because you can simply enter a code at checkout and receive a discount. At mountainresortcoupons.com, you can find savings on whitewater rafting. There are many trips from which to choose, and there’s often promo codes for savings on lodging, food, activities and transportation. The site regularly carries exclusive deals that can’t be beat!
Are there specials for whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs?
Rafting companies like Whitewater Rafting LLC, Blue Sky Rafting and Dvorak’s regularly post specials for whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs at mountainresortcoupons.com. The site lists all of Glenwood Springs’s top specials in one place so you can compare them and pick what’s best for you. From there, you simply click and book with the company right there and you’re all set. It’s easy!