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Summer Vacation Ideas

Glenwood Springs is a beautiful town nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Yet, it’s the town's unique location on the Colorado River that gives it its true charm. Known also for being a famous railroad stop in the early days of the railroad system, the area became a famous tourist attraction and vacation destination. Like most Colorado vacation spots, there is as much to do during the summer months as there is during the winter.


It would seem like the first thing anyone should do when visiting a town known for its location on a river would be to ride a raft down it. The area offers many rafting and kayaking trips down both the Colorado and Roaring Fork River (also located in Glenwood Springs). Don’t forget to bring your rod and reel, for the fishing is also fabulous.

Mountain Biking

This area is also known as a mountain biker’s paradise, especially for the challenges these prestigious trails have to offer. Even the most experienced mountain bikers have trouble with trails like the Forest Hollow trail and the Scout Trail. There are, of course, easy trails and paved bike ways for the less experienced.

Hot Springs

The town is home to the largest natural hot springs pool in the world. The springs have become the marquee attraction, with waters as warm was 104 degrees.

Glenwood Caverns

Hop on the tram and visit Glenwood Spring’s geological marvel, known as the Glenwood Caverns. Originally known as the fairy caves, the caverns are an extensive system of caves that offers people a chance to see what natural caves are like. Glenwood Caverns also offers great examples of things such as stalactites and stalagmites.


Rent a 4 x 4 and four wheel through the Rocky Mountains. Visit historic destinations like Camp Hale (a famous camp and training facilities from World War II) and explore the Rockies.