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Summer Vacation Ideas

The Rocky Mountains are iconic. They are the visual that most people get when you mention any mountains. The symbol of majesty and natural wonder, The Rocky Mountains are one of the most visually perfect mountain ranges in the world. Rocky Mountain National Park is a perfect way to get up close and personal with a national treasure, and an American wonder. The park is only open for a few months, but is a perfect summer vacation spot.


Enjoy the snow peaked tops of the Rocky Mountains while strolling along a quiet river bed on one of Rocky Mountain National Park’s many hiking trails. The park has over three hundred miles of designated trails ranging from comfortable strolls along flatland or steep hikes of the hills.

Back-Country Camping

Ever felt like leaving civilization for just a little while? At Rocky Mountain National Park, you can do just that by going back-country camping. The first thing you must do is obtain a back-country/wilderness permit, only then can you enjoy in the natural splendor of the Rockies. There are tons of activities to do while you are there, just remember to do your part in taking care of the forest.


The Rockies have a history of being a rock climbers dream. The park has become sort of a haven for rock climbing enthusiasts. Never climbed a rock? Learn how at the Colorado Mountain School, where you can join in on guided trips and learn the ropes about how to climb a rock.

Wildlife Viewing

This is a haven for wildlife. In fact many species that are rare in most of the country, thrive at Rocky Mountain National Park. Elk and sheep are in abundance and can be pretty much seen on a daily basis, where as moose and otter can be found located around the Colorado River.


Take a guided tour from one of the park Rangers and you will hear everything you need to know about the park. They offer tours daily and this is a great way to for kids and adults alike to learn about the history, the animals, and so much more!


Estes Park is a great small town to explore. The downtown area is super cute with over 200 shops and restaurants to experience during your stay.

Art Walks

Thought small, the town is proud of their history and the support they provide to local artists. Each week during the summer, take a self-guided tour of the art galleries in town. The galleries will put their local artists on display and offer wine and beer while you walk the area.