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Summer Vacation Ideas

Mesa Verde National Park is a monument to ancient peoples. Over 2000 years ago, ancient pueblo people known as the Anasazi, built spectacular stone dwellings, many of which still stand today, in the hills of Mesa Verde. Many of these dwellings are known as cliff dwellings, buildings built in shallow cuts along the sides of cliffs. Yet, history is not the only the thing that makes Mesa Verde National Park stand out as a must see vacation stop for your next summer vacation.


The first thing any should do when they visit this National Park is take a professionally guided tour by one of the parks rangers. Some of the must see sites include Cliff Palace, the largest and most famous cliff dwelling site in Mesa Verde, and Spruce Tree House, a miraculously well-preserved cliff dwelling in which visitors can enter and explore! There is plenty of history to learn about in Mesa Verde, what better way then have an expert show it to you.


If Mesa Verde is anything, it’s an archeological site, not a resort, so access to much of the park is restricted. There are, however, six very nice hiking trails in which visitors can stroll and get a good sense of the history that the ancient Anasazi people left behind.


As was the case with hiking, the ability to bike is restricted to only paved roads, so there is little to no mountain biking here. Never fear, for nearby Ute Mountain Tribal Park offers guided biking trips all through Anasazi country. If you want to get up close and personal with the ancients, then this is the way to do it!


Camping is restricted to only one site, the Morefield Campsite, but that’s all you need. Morefield Campsite is one of the largest and most exciting camping sites in the United States. Backpack during the day and then enjoy insightful presentations from park rangers every night in the amphitheatre. There are only four hundred sites available at Morefield, so be sure and get you spot now.

Archeological Museum

If you get tired of being in the outdoors, but still thirst for knowledge about the mysterious Anasazi people, Mesa Verde has an archeological museum with much more information and artifacts that shed a fascinating light one of the most mysterious cultures in American history, and about on of the best and well persevered archeological sites in the world.