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Summer Vacation Ideas

Crested Butte may be just the place you have been dreaming of for a summer family vacation. Surrounded by forests and fourteeners, this area has camping, whitewater rafting, lakes, streams, and an endless supply of fun activities for groups of all ages.

Hiking, Cycling, and Mountain Biking

These are some of the most popular activities in this area, due to the natural beauty. You’ll be able to see a National Park on foot or by bike and take the time to really experience the great Colorado outdoors. Hiking and biking offer the chance to slow down and enjoy a little picnic or just the time to stop and take in all of the scenery. If you’re not quite up to mountain biking, there are trails that are not as steep or hard to complete for you or your kids. Bike rentals for the whole family are available, so no need to worry traveling without them.

Horseback Riding and ATV Tours

If you want a little more excitement during your vacation, seeing this area from the back of a horse is a great way to live in the footsteps of the cowboy and take in all that there is to see. ATV tours are another great adventure that provide you with the security of a group and the speed of an ATV. Most will even provide a quick course in operation as well as the safety equipment you’ll need for a safe and fun ride.

Cultural Activities

There are many different cultural activities that you can enjoy during your stay in Crested Butte. From art galleries to music festivals, you’ll be able to indulge your passions. There are also many fine restaurants in this town, many of which offer a wide variety of different cuisines. From local specialties to world dishes, you’ll be able to experience many different tastes.

Water Sports

This area is home to many lakes and rivers, so you’ll be able to enjoy numerous different types of water sports. From white rive rafting to a peaceful canoe trip, see Crested Butte in a whole new light. If you like to fish, there are also plenty of great lakes that offer all day fun and the opportunity to bring home a trophy sized reminder of your stay in Crested Butte.


If you just want to get away from it all, there are also plenty of day spas in the area. You’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing massage or a mud bath while you recharge your batteries during your trip. From swimming pools to saunas, there are plenty of ways to relax during your stay.

Rock Climbing

If you’re up for a big adventure, there are rock climbing tours that allow you to test your skills and your courage. From beginner-sized walls to professional-level walls, there is a great mix of climbing challenges here. Find your inner extreme sports enthusiast during your stay.