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Whitewater Rafting in Copper Mountain

Don't miss out on all of the summer fun to be found in the Copper Mountain area! If you've always thought of Copper as a place just to ski or ride, it's time to get the bigger picture. Enjoy more from this mountain region when you shoot the rapids or float downstream. You'll see some of the finest scenery while having an unforgettable adventure with whitewater guides you can trust. Don't miss these great deals for days on water - get out there and discover your best summer vacation ever.
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Dvorak's Rafting Expeditions

Colorado's 1st licensed outfitter established since 1969 as the first river outfitters in Colorado, Dvorak's Expeditions does not play when it comes to providing quality whitewater rafting, kayaking and fly fishing trips. Select the adventure of your dreams, and for less when you apply this discount.

Raft Masters

Raft Masters offers a professional and top quality rafting experience, giving you and your family an adventure that you'll always remember. Apply these instant savings today, and start planning your trip.

AVA Rafting & Zipline

Are you craving some much needed outdoor time but aren't sure where to start? Pick AVA Rafting and Zipline as your "go-to" outfitter during your stay in Copper Mountain, CO. You'll have the opportunity to raft with one of the most talented teams in the state! Select from 8 different river routes and make sure it matches your skill level to get the most out of your experience. Experience a truly unique adventure in the Rocky Mountains this summer with friends and family. Bask in the sun and get ready to encounter thrilling rapids along your trip on the water. And while you're at it save a little bit of money when you add this discount into the mix. You'll get the best prices on a value that's already out of this world. Have a great time at Copper Mountain and enjoy the wilderness and stunning views from all angles!

Clear Creek Rafting

Come one, come all and experience an excellent summer adventure in the great Rocky Mountains! Clear Creek Rafting has offers daily trips from May until August for explorers near and far to enjoy. Raft down one of the most popular rivers in Colorado and take advantage of their affordable prices while you're at it. When you're looking for a new activity to try out, turn to Clear Creek Rafting for a thrilling journey that you'll remember for years to come! Pick from gentler, beginner day trips to more intense advanced routes depending on the skill level of your group. Use this deal to scoop up the best value you can find and get ready to take on the river.

Liquid Descent

Reserve spots for beginner, intermediate or advanced whitewater rafting trips on the Upper Colorado River, Clear Creek or through Gore Canyon - all with the professional rafting guides of Liquid Descent. Round up the crew and head out to the rapids with this great deal on a half-day raft trip.

Downstream Adventures

Explore Colorado in a whole new way after you book your trip with Downstream Adventures! This rafting company makes traveling down the river and fun and safe experience for everyone, thanks to their dedicated team of experienced guides. You'll also never have to to worry about their prices either because they make sure the adventure is affordable. Plus, they have great deals like this one to make secure more savings! Your summer is going to be incredible but make it even more unique by choosing a beginner, intermediate or advanced rafting option with Downstream Adventures. You won't soon forget the incredible journey for years to come!

Browns Canyon Rafting

Hop into a raft and enjoy the water when you're near Copper Mountain. Browns Canyon Rafting has whitewater rafting trips on the Arkansas River that everyone can enjoy - from newbies to seasoned paddlers! Get the best deal on your whitewater adventure with this Mountain Resort Coupons' exclusive promo code.

KODI Rafting

KODI's prides itself on being the locals' choice for rafting. Named "Best of Summit" 11 times, they're your go-to guide for whitewater rafting near Copper Mountain. With trips from Class II to Class IV offered, there is something for everyone seeking whitewater fun this season. Click through for your discount code.

Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center

Copper Mountain Whitewater Rafting 

Independent Whitewater

Independent Whitewater wants you to experience the difference with the rafting trips offered for every skill level. Float along or take on the rapids - whatever adventure you are looking to try is available at a great price. Click through to use this exclusive promo code.


Is there whitewater rafting in Copper Mountain?
If you’re spending time in the summer at Copper Mountain, there’s excellent whitewater rafting not far from you. Enjoy thrilling whitewater rafting on multiple rivers. There are easy runs and more challenging sections from which to choose. A few of the more popular rivers near Copper Mountain include the upper Colorado River, the Arkansas River and Clear Creek.
What rivers have whitewater rafting near Copper Mountain?
The upper Colorado River has nice sections of whitewater near Copper Mountain that are good for all ages. There are more laid-back parts for seniors and kids, and there are a few Class III and Class IV rapids that are perfect to get your adrenaline pumping. Clear Creek, the Arkansas River and the upper Colorado River are all within a short drive from Copper Mountain.
What time of year can I go whitewater rafting in Copper Mountain?
Springtime is the right time to hit the many rivers and creeks near Copper Mountain Resort. In the spring, the deep snowpack on top of the mountains begins to melt, filling the rivers and creeks. During April and May, there is full whitewater action along several sections.
Is whitewater rafting near Copper Mountain fun for families?
Families on vacation to Copper Mountain can experience the excitement of whitewater rafting at some of the best spots in the West. There are several fun, scenic family trips in Brown's Canyon and around the town of Salida courtesy of Raft Masters. The experienced river guide has a wonderful array of half-day and full-day adventures.
Are there rafting trips for young children in Copper Mountain?
Kids can hit the rivers and creeks near Copper Mountain in a variety of ways. There are kayaks and duckies, as well as family whitewater rafting trips. Children love the easy floats down the river with their friends and parents. The one-of-a-kind experience provides beautiful scenery, pristine mountain waters and lots of sunshine. While some outfitters can accommodate children as young as 4 or 5, it’s always best to check with your rafting company during the planning process.
Do I need reservations to go whitewater rafting in Copper Mountain?
There are some great companies for whitewater rafting near Copper Mountain. If you want to head down the rivers or creeks with a top outfitter like Raft Masters, it’s always recommended to make a reservation, especially if you’re bringing a group. Always plan ahead if you’re looking for a private trip. Most rafting companies have whitewater rafts, kayaks, duckies and other floaties, so there are lots of options!
Are there full-day rafting trips near Copper Mountain?
Some of the best full-day rafting trips are not far from Copper Mountain. The Brown's Canyon National Monument is a memorable ride with breathtaking scenery. The Numbers is an action-packed section of river with non-stop thrills and lots of obstacles along the way. A full-day trip near Salida is peaceful, calm and visually impressive. It’s perfect for families seeking a relaxing first ride.
Are there half-day rafting trips near Copper Mountain?
If you can only get on the water for a half day, never fear. There are lots of whitewater rafting trips near Copper Mountain that will have you out and back in no time. A quick run down Brown's Canyon or The Numbers can put a smile on your face first thing in the morning, or it’s an ideal way to spend a sunny summer afternoon. Half-day trips are affordable, too!
Are there group specials for whitewater rafting in Copper Mountain?
If you’re taking the whole gang out for whitewater, consider a private rafting trip with one of the Rocky Mountains top outfitter like Raft Masters. The Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center offers classic whitewater experiences along fantastic stretches of river. A group trip is the perfect way to experience the remote beauty of Brown’s Canyon National Monument. Minimum age is 5.
Are there hotels near whitewater rafting in Copper Mountain?
Most of the hotels at Copper Mountain are at the base of the ski resort. The Copper Mountain Inn, the Lodge at Copper Mountain, Passage Point and The Cache are just a few of the lodging options there. There are also lodging choices in nearby Frisco and Silverthorne. To browse lodging discounts, visit mountainresortcoupons.com and search for current promo codes and specials to save money.
What should I wear for whitewater rafting in Copper Mountain?
If you’re rafting near Copper Mountain during the spring, you may want to consider a wet suit to help keep you warm. During the spring, the river water can be brisk! As the season progresses, the water will get warmer as temperatures increase. Be sure to pack a swimsuit, an old pair of tennis shoes (no flip-flops), a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a towel and a dry set of clothes for the ride home.
Where can I find a deal on whitewater rafting in Copper Mountain?
Copper Mountain rafting deals are always loaded on mountainresortcoupons.com. The site carries current promotions from top whitewater destinations like the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center and Raft Masters. Find and use promo codes, discounts, deals, vouchers and other coupons to book direct and save!
How can I save money on whitewater rafting in Copper Mountain?
If you want to save money on whitewater rafting, head to mountainresortcoupons.com and browse the current specials that are available. Top rafting companies in Copper Mountain populate the site’s board with tons of savings - everything from Class II float trips and Class IV whitewater thrillers to savings on things like meals, lodging and transportation. If there’s a special out there, you’ll find it at mountainresortcoupons.com.
Where can I find promo codes for whitewater rafting in Copper Mountain?
Promo codes are easy to use because you can simply enter a code at checkout and receive a discount. At mountainresortcoupons.com, you can find savings on whitewater rafting - save 10%, 15%, 20% or more. There are many trips from which to choose, and there’s often promo codes for savings on lodging, food, activities and transportation. The site regularly carries exclusive deals that you can’t find anywhere else.
Are there specials for whitewater rafting in Copper Mountain?
Rafting companies like Raft Masters and the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center post deals for rafting at Copper Mountain at mountainresortcoupons.com. The site lists all of the area’s best deals in one spot so you can compare them and pick what’s best. From there, click, book and you’re all set. Save money!