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Whitewater Rafting in Cañon City

There's a great reason why an impressive selection of whitewater rafting companies are located in Colorado's Royal Gorge and Canon City areas: this is one of the country's best places to whitewater raft. Local guides provide the optimal experience because they know the territory inside and out, and will take you to parts of the river where you can sharpen and strengthen your rafting skills. Get lessons and practice new techniques on some of the most gorgeous and sought after stretches of river for this fun adventure sport - and do it all while taking advantage of the deals and discounts accessed through this page.
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Royal Gorge Rafting and Zipline Tours

Royal Gorge Rafting has lots of options for rafting, as well as rafting and zip lining trips, along Colorado's stretch of the famed Arkansas River. Head out for a full or half-day of on-water fun in beautiful Royal Gorge. Take a full Class V challenge or take it easy with a Class II through Bighorn Sheep Canyon, good for kids ages 6 and up. Cool off on the river on a hot summer day with this promo code!

Raft Masters

Mild to wild adventure await you at Raft Masters.  Enjoy trips of varying lengths, down several of Colorado’s best rivers. All ages and abilities are welcome and of course wetsuits, river boots and spash jackets are provided. Their staff will work to ensure that you have the best possible time both in and out of the river.

Clear Creek Rafting

Have you wanted to raft down one of Colorado's most exciting rivers? Then let Clear Creek Rafting be your guides and take in all the beauty the Rocky Mountains have to offer. When you're planning your trip, make sure you choose the right "class" level so you can get the most out of your adventure. Their talented staff will be able to answer questions if you aren't sure, and at the end of the day you'll be ready to take on the water! Now is the time to open up this deal and use it to take the plunge on a great discount.

Performance Tours

Adventure is within reach at Performance Tours. Enjoy trips of varying lengths, down several of Colorado's best rivers. From mellow to raging, they offer trips for all ability levels and provide all the necessary equipment and gear. Their staff helps you plan your ideal vacation, then helps make it a reality on the water. For more than 30 years Performance Tours has been providing families with big fun and bigger savings. Use this promo code to save on your trip.

Independent Whitewater

From family floats to Class IV+ rapids, Independent Whitewater has the rafting trip for you. Whether you want to feel completely safe or totally challenged, rest assured that you'll be in good hands with the safety-first guides of this family-owned local company devoted to fun times on the river.


Is there whitewater rafting in Cañon City?
Some of the best rapids in the West are only a few miles from Cañon City, Colorado. Bighorn Sheep Canyon and Royal Gorge on the breathtaking Arkansas River have upper-class rapids and easy float trips in varying sections. There’s something for everyone, from tame rides to white knucklers!
What rivers have whitewater rafting near Cañon City?
The amazing Arkansas River runs right by Cañon City. Royal Gorge is not far from town and is one of the nation’s most picturesque whitewater experiences. There are full-day and half-day trips along several sections of the river. Bighorn Sheep Canyon is another top spot.
What time of year can I go whitewater rafting in Cañon City?
Plan from April to September. Water levels begin to rise into the middle of May. As the water gets higher in volume from late May through June and into July, rapids become larger, creating some of the best whitewater in the world. In late July through August and September, water slowly drops in volume, ending its run off in the middle of September.
Is whitewater rafting near Cañon City fun for families?
The rapids in Bighorn Sheep Canyon are thrilling, but not as challenging as Royal Gorge. They are wild so you get wet, but mild enough to take in the canyon’s stunning scenery. If it’s your first time rafting – Bighorn Sheep Canyon is the ideal trip.
Are there rafting trips for young children in Cañon City?
Oar boats or paddle-assist are recommended for groups with small children or adults who do not want to paddle. Age guidelines vary for the different rafting trips based on the degree of difficulty. These guidelines can go up or down depending on the flow of the river, so please call if someone in your group is near the cutoff.
Do I need reservations to go whitewater rafting in Cañon City?
Advanced reservations are highly recommended, but walk-ins are welcome if space is available. During peak season and on weekends, it’s probably best to schedule or reserve your trip so you’re not left standing on the banks of the river.
Are there full-day rafting trips near Cañon City?
The full-day Royal Gorge raft trip is 20 miles long and is one of the most popular whitewater trips in the U.S. It starts with 10 miles of Class III and Class IV rapids followed by a riverside lunch. After a bite, drop into the Royal Gorge for 10 miles of mostly continuous Class III to Class V rapids in one the world’s most beautiful and awe inspiring locations. The full-day Bighorn Canyon run is 20 miles long with calming stretches and exciting rapids.
Are there half-day rafting trips near Cañon City?
The half-day Royal Gorge trip is 10 miles long and is one of the best whitewater runs in the West! Experience Class III, Class IV and Class V rapids. Highest water flows are mid-June. Minimum age is 12 for this heart pounding trek. The half-day Bighorn Canyon trip is 10 miles long and will give you several exciting rapids to run. It is perfect for a group with varying ages and experience levels.
Are there group specials for whitewater rafting in Cañon City?
A perfect group activity for families, church organizations, clubs and business retreats during the summer months is whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River River near Cañon City. Some of the area’s best outfitters have deals, specials and promo codes on mountainresortcoupons.com that you can use to book direct and save money.
Are there hotels near whitewater rafting in Cañon City?
Cañon City is a picturesque retreat that’s not far from Denver and Colorado Springs. Vacationers who want to step away from the big city and experience the true spirit of the West and the Rocky Mountain wilderness often head to Cañon City for some vital R&R. To find a deal on lodging, visit mountainresortcoupons.com and browse current specials and promo codes that can save you 10%, 15% or more with no strings attached!
What should I wear for whitewater rafting in Cañon City?
If you think Crocs and flip-flops are a good idea, you’re wrong. (They don’t provide enough protection and can slip off during intense action in the water.) You’re better off packing an old pair of tennis shoes that you don’t mind if they get wet, muddy or ruined. Snag a pair that you can spray off with a garden hose after the ride of your life, and let them dry in the sun until they’re good again. Never go barefoot!
Where can I find a deal on whitewater rafting in Cañon City?
Whitewater rafting in Royal Gorge on the Arkansas River can be relaxing or thrilling, depending on the trip you pick. To find a deal on whitewater rafting in Cañon City, visit mountainresortcoupons.com and browse active deals, discounts, specials, coupons and promo codes that you can use to save some serious cash on your vacation. Look at all the deals in one spot and pick what’s best!
How can I save money on whitewater rafting in Cañon City?
If you want to save money on whitewater rafting, head to mountainresortcoupons.com and browse the current specials that are available. Top rafting companies in Cañon City populate the site’s board with tons of savings - everything from Class II float trips and Class IV whitewater thrillers to savings on things like meals, lodging and transportation. If there’s a special out there, you’ll find it at mountainresortcoupons.com.
Where can I find promo codes for whitewater rafting in Cañon City?
Promo codes are simple because you can simply enter a code at checkout and get a discount. At mountainresortcoupons.com, you can find savings on whitewater rafting. There are many trips from which to choose, and there’s often promo codes for savings on lodging, food, activities and transportation. The site regularly carries exclusive deals that can’t be beat!
Are there specials for whitewater rafting in Cañon City?
Rafting companies Raft Masters and Performance Tours regularly post specials for whitewater rafting in Cañon City at mountainresortcoupons.com. The site lists all Cañon City’s best specials in one place so you can compare them and pick what’s best for you. From there, you simply click and book with the company right there and you’re all set!