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Special Discount on Independent Whitewater Rafting Trips

Independent Whitewater has been riding the Arkansas River from Salida for more than 35 years. Choose among expertly-crafted trips that range from scenic family floats to advanced whitewater, all at affordable rates. You'll get to know the dedicated owners and professional staff who strive to provide a safe and fun trip. Equipment and food are all provided for you, and their Browns Canyon trips end on private property, which allows for more private time on the rivers that other companies can't provide. Check out the fun and affordable rates, and save even more with this discount.
Independent Whitewater



10830 County Road 165
Salida, CO 81201

Expires: 08/22/2021

• Trips range from scenic family floats to advanced whitewater.
• Or enjoy the longest half-day trip through Browns Canyon National Monument.
• Rafting the Arkansas River from Salida for 35 years
• Professional staff and friendly owners dedicated to safety and good old-fashioned American fun.
• Enjoy lunch or dinner before or after your trip.
*Visit website for complete details.

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