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Whitewater Rafting near Breckenridge, Colorado

Pack more smiles into more miles with the Salida whitewater rafting trips and classes offered by Independent Whitewater. Head out for a half or full-day trip through beautiful and remote Browns Canyon or Royal Gorge. Whatever your skill level, you'll love spending time paddling or floating in an area considered one of the best rafting spots in the country. And if you just can't get enough gorgeous scenery in a day, one of Independent Whitewater's two-day trips might be just what you need. The fun starts immediately with this company - sing a song or tell a joke for a free wetsuit rental. The website makes it easy to find your perfect rafting adventure - use Promo Code MRC20 to save.
Independent Whitewater



10830 County Road 165
Salida, CO 81201

Expires: 08/22/2021

• Rafters get 10% off at the Drift In Boaters Bar and Grill
• Call about the 6 for 5 special and group discounts
• Online booking available May 12 - August 19. Contact directly for other dates.
See the website for information on discounts and the liability waiver*

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